Daily Thought - The Christo-psychology Behind "the Son Of God" Movie Phenomena

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  1. Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world. And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever. - 1John2: 15-17 (NLT)

    The movie "The Son of God" opened last weekend to a nifty 26.5 million dollars in sales. Written and produced by the same couple who brought us the History Channel miniseries "The Bible", this movie continued in the tradition of being largely unbiblical and avoiding all of the less seeker friendly topics of authentic Christianity. Yet, you wouldn't have guessed that from the fawning this movie produced from Christian leaders and Christian circles. Before the movie was released, mega-church pastors like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren were giving thousands of tickets away and renting out theaters to expressly show the movie. Accompanying study guides were produced and less than discerning pastors started to teach sermon series' based upon this heretical movie.

    I do not use that term lightly, as heresy is teaching that deviates from true doctrine and "The Son of God" could not have strayed any further. I say further meaning from true doctrine. It actually does a better job at staying true to seeker friendly doctrine, where Jesus apparently does modeling in his spare time, promoting the latest hair products. This rock star Jesus talks about "changing the world" but doesn't talk about sin. He has throngs of adoring fans but no where is a discussion of the price of following him. There are also blatant abuses of fundamental issues, like the continuing trend of emasculating the males in the movie while promoting a new 13th apostle, Mary. She is everywhere in the movie as she was in the miniseries, including on the boat during the storm. Of course, Mary was not actually there but I guess that is "artistic license." There is also no mention of the exclusivity of the Christ as being the only way one gets to heaven. You simply are not going to make 26.5 million dollars in one weekend if you tell the vast majority of people that they are going to hell.

    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. - John 14: 6 (ESV)

    In the miniseries, Jesus says the first half of this verse but conveniently leaves out the edge on the two edged sword that divides people. I think sometimes we look at stories such as this and make our comments and then simply move on without looking inward to find the root of the problem. What is at the heart of this phenomena we see whenever the world might seem to be willing to embrace Christ? We saw it in the lead up to the miniseries and it was more stark in the run up to the release of this movie. What makes us casually cast away Scripture for the sake of expediency? What Machiavellian mindset do we slip into when we start thinking that we can evangelize the unsaved better if they would just watch a movie first that does not present them with the real Jesus? I think if we peel back the stale Christianisms and old pious talking points we will discover the unseemly truth and that is that we simply love this world. We love the things of this world. We love the trappings of this world. We love the sins of this world. We cannot admit this of course but this is why when we see the world reaching out for just a sliver of God we jump off the nearest bridge shouting about how great the fall is. But here is the real problem beloved, they are not reaching out for a sliver of God at all. They are merely recreating Him in their own image.

    The God that is preached at mega churches such as the ones run by Osteen and Warren is not the God that saves people. He is the god that just wants to be your friend and change the world. The problem is that Jesus did not come to change the world. He came to change the hearts of sinners and save them from this world. It is not surprising that Warren, Osteen and TD Jakes were spiritual advisers for the making of this movie. This is their recreated god. It is a god who is quite comfortable in the world yet what do our key verses teach us today? I know, I know, it's always Scripture with me.

    When we love the things of this world we cannot have the love of the Father in us! We need to run from the physical pleasures this world offers. Run from the craving for everything we see and the pride we still maintain over what we feel we have done and possess. These things are not from God but rather are from the world. The problem today is that too many churches are trying so desperately to be relevant to the world that they no longer can discern a movie that accurately portrays Jesus from one that is completely powerless to save anyone. The world that we are so enamored with as Christians and as the church is fading away. We cannot continue to pitch our tents towards Sodom and pretend that we are not actually living in it.

    The last part of the key verses should be a sobering reminder what this is supposed to be all about. Those that please God will live forever. When the world has faded away, God will still be here and then it will matter if your faith hinged upon an hour and a half movie that left the Bible on the cutting room floor. This is not about mega churches packed with people who want to buy the jesus this movie is selling. This friend of god, bless me now, don't talk to me about sin and repentance generation goes nuts for movies like this because it allows us to believe our own facade. It allows us to think that we can sing about how much God loves us without being vaguely concerned about what He actually wants from us. The church is inmeshed with the world and the world is inmeshed with the church. Throw in a movie that reinforces this by portraying a hunka-burning jesus who doesn't weigh us down with all those pesky doctrines and the underlying secondary benefit we get is we start to believe our own nonsense. Because while the jesus in this movie is certainly not hard on the eyes, he is far more easy on our sin and in the end, isn't that what we truly want as worldly Christians? The belief that we can get our church on for Sundays and hang out in Sodom on Wednesdays.

    It is a myth beloved. We are called to come out from among the harlot world systems. We are called to be a shining city on a hill; not a glittering oasis in a desert that is killing the very people we claim to be "reaching for Jesus." At the end of the day, it will all depend on which Jesus we reach them with. The one that came out of an Axe Body Spray commercial or the one that might actually be able to save them for all eternity.

    Rev. Anthony.
  2. Anthony, Go see the movie before ranting.

    Also, Now you already told me about the movie and spoiled the ending. REally?
    Way to go.
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  3. The movie is taken from the bible miniseries (which I did see) and cobbled together. Also, this was largely about the reaction Christians have to the mere announcements of movies like this. About how we tend to love the world. Oh and pointing out Scripture and what is biblically accurate is not "ranting" to most people, but hey, to each his own.

  4. I saw the cover of the movie, Jesus looked real Healthy and Handsome. I have yet to see it though.

    The scripture came to my mind when I saw the cover of the movie.

    Isa 53:2
    For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

    That tells me Jesus did not look like the Jesus I saw on the movie cover and I admit, I was a bit suspicious.

    After reading your article, I doubt I will even watch it now......... sigh.......................

    Be blessed Brother.
  5. Hey man, go see it of you want. You know enough scripture to be protected spiritually. From what I hear it is acted well and has some heart wrenching scenes. It just is not biblical. By the way, awesome scripture for this subject.
  6. I doubt I will see it. The Passion of the Christ had some very good parts in it. I doubt it was perfect but I believe it's the best made. If we are going to use Hollywood, we need to show God's goodness, Healing power, forgiveness, but we also need to show the horror of disobedience and the darkness people are in that don't know Jesus.
  7. I agree. I liked the Passion because people need to see the brutality of what Christ endured for us...and the movie was light compared to what crucifixion was really like.
  8. The movie is awesome. It's not meant to replace the Bible.
  9. I do not expect it to replace the Bible, merely represent it correctly.
  10. OK, had to check the movie out. Seems to have a very hard WOF slant on it as it showed the power of the healing Miracles, the joy, and what not. I guess that is good.

    According to Scripture, it was shameful for a man to have long hair though. Not sure how they messed that up.
    It is what it is I guess, a Hollywood movie.

    I wish they would not have done the crucifixion scene though. If you can't do better than the movie before, don't mess with it. It's was like Disney family violence.

    I could not endure the whole thing (I skipped through it) and wanted to pin a 4 leaf clover on Jesus and tell him to go frolic with the Leprechauns. A little bit much for me. It was also a cam so not the best quality.

    A lot better movie is Final Destination. That movie gets pin point perfect on how the devil operates and how people try to solve spiritual issues without the Power of the Lord Jesus. Does a great job on what people go through, what they think and how they react.

    I have nothing against the movie, if it helps someone then great. It's just a movie and from what I read made no claims to attempt to share the Gospel.
  11. The makers of the movie absolutely talked it up as a way to funnel people into church and how all they wanted was to have Jesus on everyone's lips. They used that defense when asked why they removed any cameo from the devil. By the way, I have nothing against the movie. The piece was largely about the reaction of Christians, who should have nothing to do with this movie and pastors who gleefully are using this to preach sermons!
  12. Well, I have nothing against the movie, but no devil, no crucifixion. Why I mentioned Final Destination, because it shows how the devil effects peoples thinking. Might be a bit gory for some, but good movie.

    Not sure what sermon you would get from the movie though.

  13. How are we "loving the world" when we get excited about movies that portray Jesus and His love for His disciples? Of course it's a mere shadow of what it was like but just to watch it happen; how it might have been when Jesus was spending time with His friends--- I think it's awesome. I love everything that has to do with Jesus and the Bible. I especially loved the part with doubting Thomas.
  14. It appears Anthony's biggest complaint is that the "Word of Faith" camps if you call them that are promoting the Movie. Anthony is not a fan of the "Word of Faith" camps.
  15. No the GOSPEL is the good news that we who deserve death have been given life through Christ Jesus. The "gospel" is not the law although the law is a witness to the gospel.
    And what I am saying is that in preaching Gods goodness, people are repenting. Just as the scripture declares. Because it does not look like the tradition of some, who think only guilt, shame and fear can bring repentance? They cannot accept it for what it is. Repentance based on Gods goodness, not His wrath and judgment.
  16. The gospel that Paul preached is the gospel of grace. According to the riches of Gods goodness.

    Ga 1:6 ¶ I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
  17. Oh no, you're not a Prince follower are you? Stay away from cheap grace.

    Repentance is based upon a confessing and then turning from our sin. Without a discussion of sin, there can be no repentance. God is so good He is willing to forgive. The law is how we know we have sinned. It serves a purpose.
  18. The only thing I hate is that they made him a barbie doll. It kills me to think of teenage atheist girls going to watch the movie to say things like "Jesus is hot.". Trust me, I know my generation, and this movie is doing no favors other than keeping Christ in the minds of our ever backsliding society.

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  19. Excellent point. It goes along with a lot of the pseudo-worship that makes Jesus your boyfriend.
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    God is Good!!!

    When I witness, I like to say, If God were real, and you could ask him for something, what would it be? I got story after story how God used my relationship with him but show his power and blessing on someone that did not know him. It changes lives.
    We are to carry that blessing with us, our realationship with the father and brother there is power on us we don't even understand. Power to help others in ways not possible with man. Praise God!!

    One girl came up to give her life to Jesus after I preached. Just one, not a land slide by any means, but I just taught on How great and good our God really is.

    Something I said, must have stuck with her, because after she gave her life to the Lord and we did that prayer thing, she stood up and asked.............. "Will God Heall my Stomach?"

    Now the church I was helping at was Anti-Word of faith, but Gospel included the Anointing and power to help.

    Put me on the spot, I promised the Pastor no "Word of Faithy stuff"

    I looked at her and said, "Of course he will heal you, and right now this second."

    Anyway, I had no idea how bad it was, but I got to see the scans later where there was scare tissue of repairs that just showed up and all ulcers closed and fixed. I also did not know she was on a liquid diet until she asked me after the service that since God healed her she could go eat and celebrate with her friends. They invited me, but I always decline, I like my time unless the Lord directs.
    [Sorry for the edit, Michael, but I didn't want to delete the entire post - HMS]

    You sound the same, different drum same tune. Just Like Joel.

    I am not judging though, if your convinced it's your mission in life to slander others, the bless God I have not heard the Lord say different for you.


    I will give a big warning though. Though God has great mercy on the World, to disobey when the Lord has given you light about something and sin can cost you your life. Sin you have revelation about will cost you, even if you repent to be forgiven. You will reap something, and sin kills your life in all areas.

    Also keep in mind, being forgiven, does not mean you have been faithful and are qualified for more.

    I know a brother that lost his life in Chicago. Just one more drug deal to catch some bills up, and God had set him up as a Assistant Pastor. He knew.............. he Knew............ found him shot to death with a bullet in his head.

    Where was the grace Lord?

    The Lord said to me, "I told him not to go."

    he told us not to steal and commit adultery. Violate the light you have, and it may not go well for you.

    [ See above - HMS]

    Be blessed.
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