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  1. So, if you have read my first post on this site, then you know that I am new here and I am on a spiritual journey. If you have not- then Hi! I am Liz and I'm on a journey to find God and learn as much as I can of God, the Bible, Christianity, etc. from different minds.

    Recently I have been doing a lot of looking around online for daily inspirations, daily motivations, daily devotionals, etc. This morning I stumbled upon a book for my Kindle which is "The Daily Walk Bible NLT: 31 Days with Jesus." I read the first day of it this morning and I have to say that it has inspired me so much already! Each day is set up with an Overview and some insight as to what you will be reading. Today's reading was that of Matthew 1-4. Of course, I have read the story of Jesus being born before, but somehow reading it this morning really got to me.

    One of the exercises for today was to highlight/underline anything from the Old Testament in Matthew 1-4 and I did so. One of the verses that stood out to me this morning was
    "You must not test the LORD your God." This verse really spoke to me. I think it is because last night, I was praying as I have been trying to do every night and I asked God that if he were real, then why doesn't he just give me a physical sign and make it easy on me? Then this morning when I read that verse I realized.. I can't make God do anything. He is Lord for a reason. I need to develop faith and understanding of how He works. I should not tell him what to do. I have to develop a relationship with Him that is based on trust.. and that is what I will begin doing from now on.

    This is a relatively short post today, but I just wanted to share my experience this morning. Also, I want to take this time to tell everyone who has reached out to me
    thank you. Your words of encouragement and love are so welcoming and you have all made me feel so special and cared for. :)

    -Liz <3
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  2. Hi again Liz,

    I am happy to read that you have begun to read the bible and that you are understanding it already!

    God will reveal Himself to different people in different ways. With some it's in some big spectacular way, with others it's a gradual unfolding. He does this in His wisdom...as it is best.

    Keep going in this journey because you are on your way! You WILL get there.
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  3. Sister Liz, Sense God lives in a unseen world to our physical eyes, he leads, and guides us to a place where are not using our physical eyes, but the eyes of our heart so we can see the unseen. This is not easy to the new Christian, or even to those who have never grown spiritually. To be able to trust, and have faith in God requires a person to have a history with God. If we do not have a history with the Lord then we have nothing to look back on to see how the Lord has never left us alone or without his help in troubling times. I have been saved for almost 40 years, so it is much easier for me to look back to see, and remember how the Lord has always been there for me, and has always seen me through all my trials. The longer you stay close to the Lord, the more you will trust God in all things.
    The Apostle Paul tells a group of people to "call to remembrance the former days in which after they were saved they endured great afflictions"
    Having a history with the Lord gives us great comfort in knowing that as he delivered us long ago, and he will continue to deliver like just like before.

    Heb 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
    Heb 10:32 But call to remembrance the former days, in which, after ye were illuminated, ye endured a great fight of afflictions;
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  4. Thanks so much, Michael! I am definitely going to keep going! That realization that I had this morning was so refreshing and really made me start to think about things in a new way. It felt like it was Him speaking to me through that verse. A truly awesome feeling. :)
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  5. Thank you for that very much! I am truly trying to get closer and closer each and every day. :)
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  6. Hi Liz,

    As i read what you wrote, i am grateful for your finding the daily walk Bible. I have that on my kindle app as well. And much grateful for what you have been able to glean from this first reading.

    If i may....changing the attitude of your heart in regards to finding the Savior is the key. It's not making Him do something for you, but to respectfully asking (and trusting Him to answer you) for Him to make Himself very real to you. This is a request that He desires in answering. Because like ccw above said its all about relationship and as you have said trust.

    When you trust God to reveal Himself to you....you are in essence asking Him to walk alongside of you and build a very intimate relationship with you. Revealing His heart to you, so that you truly know who He is.

    Blessings! Very proud of you for keeping the ears of your understanding and the eyes of your heart open to receiving all He has for you!
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  7. As always, thank you so much for your reply! Your words always inspire me :)
    I really love that app so far! I saw that there is another book as well so I will be purchasing that soon. Making a respectful request sounds a lot better than what I tried last night.. for sure.
    Thanks for the help!
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  8. Thank you for your gracious and kind words! They bless my heart :love:
    I fully agree! I had several free books and probably at least a hundred samples, and as i would read all i could....i would start praying for the whole book. I really enjoyed the ability of highlighting and making notes in there as well. And when i would highlight...i could even just do one word if i wanted to. Yeee haaa!
  9. I do the EXACT same thing! I always try to only buy samples and I will tell myself that I don't need to buy the whole book yet (I am a full time nursing student and work only a part time job.. so I try to save money as much as I can). However, I always end up clicking that buy button. Haha!
    Yes! The highlighting is the best! My Kindle is the best gift I have ever gotten. Love it!
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  10. Hah! If you think that was an awesome feeling, I promise you that you haven't seen anything yet!

    Liz, I am confident that God is orchestrating all these events for you. From you finding this particular forum to you that daily devotional app to start learning from. It is not a coincidence because you could have very easily gone down the wrong path to finding God. There are so many wrong paths out there! I smile when I read about every new step you take on your journey because I know God is working.
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  12. @Liz, don't be shy with asking any questions that you may have. This is a great place to learn![emoji1]
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  13. It definitely is! I am enjoying reading all of the different discussions on the threads. There are a lot of well-educated people on here! Thanks again for being so helpful and friendly!
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  14. You are welcome Liz. It truly is a pleasure[emoji2]
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