Cursor Keeps Jumping. Argh!!

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Katy-follower, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Any idea how to fix this? I start typing and the cursor jumps randomly, making it impossible to type anything. Annoying. Any advice would be great!
  2. Shut down and restart...see what happens...also if you have a remote mouse, change the batteries
  3. if it is a wireless mouse, it could be bad batteries, faulty wireless signal, or something interfering with the signal. Did you reently add anything to the room your computer is in, or put the computer into a room, something else that has wireless technology, such as a cordless phone, router, remote control car, etc?

    Could also be malware so it wouldnt hurt to do a good virus scan with a good anti-virus program.
  4. sticky key(s)?
  5. windoze?? Nah.... weak batteries in a wireless mouse is a good chance.....but.......if you are using a usb mouse, check the integrity of the cable and plug/socket.
  6. Is it a older mouse with the little ball? If so unscrew the bottom , take ball out and clean it good. Also blow all the dust out from the inside of the mouse. That should werk 4 ya :)
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I have a laptop mouse pad. It went from cursor jumping to not working at all and then the laptop shut down. All seems to be fine now though. I think the problem is I keep so many tabs open and I overload the laptop, so a shut down was needed. I tend to just hibernate usually.

    Thanks all :)
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  8. Good possibility katy, every computer needs shut down regularly, to install updates and what not. Glad you got it figured out.
  9. Yeah Laptop mouse pads are gross. It is not expensive to acquire a mouse with a tuck-away usb cable. I think the mouse pads are susceptible to any pressure from the operator's hand.
  10. There is a setting if you use Windows to hide the cursor when typing. It is in Control Panel/Mouse/Pointer Options in Windows 7. You'll have to google it for other OSs

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