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  1. I actually had a one-on-one talk with my computer. Since then, we have come to an understanding.

    Me: Computer?
    Comp: ....Yes.
    Me: We need to talk.
    Comp: No we don't.
    Me: Yes, we do. I've been having some problems with you lately. Tell me, why did you mess up that game I was trying to install? Or what about that important download I was trying to find and couldn't?
    Comp: Um...
    Me: Hm? Floppy disk got your tongue?
    Comp: All right! All right. No need to interrogate me!


  2. rotfl :d
  3. I had to pay for the upgrades of course. :D

    I think its the design which is very unprofessional at the moment. The software was remade from ground up and so we were expecting a lot of bugs. They resolved most of them in a very short time. To me thats really impressive. They also had a recent major change within their developer and exec team so that could have slowed things up a bit. vb was bought by the another company and moved from the UK to the US.

  4. :D

  5. Yes, at least we did not have to suffer three excruciating months of torture with wacky bugs jumping out of every virtual corner. I also find that impressive as well. Some companies just take their leisure and time fixing things - even if you pester them to fix it quickly.

  6. I do have to agree with you here.

    Sadly, I would have to disagree with you here. The forum part of the script wasn't remade, only the CMS and integration of the Blogs into one unit. The forums are still using older 3.8 code with some variable changes and then there is the style changes.

    I also run a Christian site and sadly I had to made the switch from vB to another vendor. In my opinion, they didn't resolve the bugs and issues fast enough, they don't communicate and being IB, the company that bought vB is a Publicly Trade company and vB is such a small part of their company, I don't see it getting any better.

    The lead developers leaving in mass made me wonder about their future and direction. When developers that have been with the project from the beginning mostly leave all within a short period of time, it's usually not a good thing.

    Jeff you have a great site here, keep a keen eye out.

    Take care!


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