Culinary Twists You Will Love In Israel

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  1. By Nicole Sivan

    Although food varieties and choices in Israel resemble much of what can be found in any Western country, Israelis have a few unique traditional eating habits that will differ from how one might feast in an English-speaking country. While these eating habits may seem foreign when compared to your everyday norm, you will soon discover that this Mediterranean/Middle Eastern style of dining will surprise and delight you. Who knows, like many of us, you may fall in love with the Israeli way of doing things and you may never again be able to readjust to your native culinary culture.


    Breakfast: Breakfast in Israel is an event. Do not oversleep if you are staying in a hotel with a buffet breakfast. I can assure you that your hotel, even the 2-star one, is not serving you a dinky continental breakfast like you would find in a Motel 6. There will be no dry coffee cake, stale cornflakes, or weak coffee here. Oh no. A true Israeli breakfast is a cross between a health fanatic’s fantasy meal and a glutton’s delight. This morning meal is traditionally presented with an assortment of fresh fruit, a variety of white cheeses (feta, cream cheese, and varieties unknown outside of the Mediterranean basin), yogurts, eggs (hardboiled, scrambled, sunny side up), fresh breads, smoked fish, and the plat de résistance of any true Israeli breakfast: salad. Israelis love salad in the morning and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes are a staple for any native’s morning meal. An Israeli salad (tiny cubed pieces of tomatoes and cucumber lightly salted and dressed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon) is also a popular breakfast must, as are these salads: beet, cabbage, Tabouli, spicy carrot, potato and more. And forget about mayonnaise; everything is based on olive oil here.
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  2. I have been to many countries and I can wholeheartedly say that Israel has the best food. I think the best I had was in Galilee.
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  3. What did you eat there?
  4. I ate such a variety of foods that I couldn't list them all. Everything was super fresh with a rich flavor. The lamb meat for some reason tastes different there. It is absolutely delicious. I have had Lamb in Arab countries too and it didn't taste the same as in Israel. I think the food is blessed there.
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