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Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Tick, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Crossroads of Faith

    Hello everybody, firstly I would like to tell you that I'm happy to be part of this community, even tho I'm a newbie :)

    Well I'm proud to be Christian but I don't know a lot about it and am passing through a period of my life where I ask a lot of questions, I'm 15. :p

    Anyways to give you a background of things, I started college and I got a huge crush on a girl whom I've never talked to, only seen her once. Unfortunately a guy who hates me and wants me dead :)() is also attending the same college. He used to be my greatest friend but said that I made him annoying and decided to throw me out of his life, (later on I found out that he did it because he wanted a girl I was very close with.) He swore revenge and wants to take everything away from me that made me happy, till this day. (Said it himself.)

    Back on track, if I manage to find this girl amongst thousands of students at college I'm scared that if he sees me with her he would get involved and, well, try to have a sexual relationship with her, he's done it before. I'm basically in a prison. This guy, I must admit, is more good looking than me and has a more cheerful character so this girl would fall for him like any other. If I try to tell her the truth about him she would deny it because of his looks and character, I tried it before.

    I was thinking of doing something to him that would make him unwanted by girls, like a revenge of my own. That way I could relax and don't worry of him taking this girl just to annoy me. But I keep getting this feeling inside me, a thought actually, " If you do it, God will never let you try with this girl, you will not even manage to find her." This thought is always playing in my mind every time I think, its maddening. On the other hand if I don't do anything he would get involved with this girl, no use hiding, he knows a lot of people.

    If I do something to him (not kill him or physically hurt him), will God punish me by removing this girl from my life? Are these thoughts from God first of all or just my imagination and fear of losing another girl? Will God have revenge on me? :(

    A big thank you to those who read this and/or helped me! :D
  2. don,t worry about him,ignore him,you will find your own path,i will give you a tip is on the inside,meaning there spirit.good walk to you brother.:read-bible:
  3. Hi Tick I am glad you are here-how did you get into colledge at 15? As far as revenge lay it down- Jesus chastised His disciples for praying in a vengeful way- that is a message for us as well. As far as this girl and everything else in life you must trust these things in Jesus hands. Forgive your friend, thats the Lord's command. Ask God for peace and wisdom- He will lead and guide your steps.
  4. jesus has the answers use his wisdom wisely.
  5. The educational system is different here :p

    Thanks for all your replies, yea I've forgiven my friend a some time ago, it was hard but the whole fight was pointless, sad he didn't see it the same way.

    Yesterday I came up with the idea of praying to God that if all went well with this girl I would light him a candle in a church for a whole year. That is, if somehow the girl and I get together on a Friday, I would light a candle for Him on every Friday for one year. Does this work? I'm having a really difficult time distinguishing what is coming from Him and what is not.

    And yes I liked the idea of asking Him for peace, guidance and wisdom, I thank you. :D
  6. ask God as a friend you don,t need to blackmail him.also motives,always understand your motives,sorts out the men from the boys.
  7. God doesn't want you to light candles- He wants to be a part of your life. He created you for fellowship with Him- God is love and love desires to share and be in close relationship with you. Talk to Him, pray,read His holy Word- all lighting candles does is make smoke.
  8. Well I guess you are right, lighting candles is a stupid idea thought during a desperate time. Its just that I don't want to get hurt again. But I will put my faith in God that he will guide me.
  9. Excellent choice Tick.:D
  10. Thanks :p

    Only one thing I didn't get tho, does God punish us for doing something bad? Like in my case if I do something bad to this guy. Something tells me if I do I'll lose my chances with the girl.

    God works in mysterious ways. :D
  11. The bible teaches that what we reap is what we sow. If we plant corn we grow corn. If we plant wheat we grow wheat. If we plant trouble we grow trouble. As far as correction- the Lord chastises those who He loves- His hand is upon us to correct us and set us free. Make no mistake though- if you throw a rubber ball against a wall it is coming back to you.
  12. Yes exactly what I've feared, well doing harm is out of the question. I'll follow God, pray for his wisdom and guidance, give him a big hug and hope everything comes out well. ;)

    Well that ends that, thanks guys all of you, I appreciate all the help you gave me. I don't think this would be my last thread/post because since I came here I feel like my heart is filled with and happy. Don't know why. :p
    I'm kinda attracted to this forum. :D
  13. God bless you brother- do not be a stranger here!
    The Joy of the Lord shall be our strength-
  14. This guy is trying to be a demon in your life, no two ways
    about it. He hates You because Your Christian,

    You have to be obedient, and fight Him with the Love of
    God, otherwise you are fighting demons with their own
    power and territory, and this is one game in which they
    wont give you their "Cheat Codes," or a "Pause" option, or
    "save points" in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, if You try the whole revenge thing, then You are
    being so disobedient to God, that God will have to
    "Chastise" You, which is wrath-for-believers, not wrath
    leading to Hell, but I would not recomend figthing God on
    purpose, becasue even though He Loves You, "Chastisement,"
    is like a "Boss Round," You don't want to face!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May Christ Richly Bless Them Who Truly Love Him, Amen.:bible:


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