Creation -v- Evolution: For The Young People

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  1. Here's the problem with these debates-no matter what 'evidence' we show or support will be shot down automatically as we have already seen with the article I posted earlier. It is the way of the world-to squash and ignore the voice of God and then complain about why He is not in our lives. There is no 'winning' this debate and the intention of this thread was to inform new Christians about OTHER ideas rather than the theory of evolution which is crammed down every public school kids throat starting in kindergarten up college grads. If you want to debate evolution that is fine-but this forum is about faith building not casting doubt which seems to be your motivation.

    So in the end-when it comes to salvation-does this debate really matter?
  2. If your arguments are so easily refuted, why keep them?

    I think it is arrogant to presume that everyone who doesn't agree with you, I'm assuming you include me as well, are ignoring God's voice. You assume my motive is to cast doubt, not build faith. I want to build faith in God. However, if there is a teaching that is wrong, should I not cast doubt on it?

    Yes this debate definitely does matter. Here is why: I stated that I believe in evolution, and people react by questioning my belief in God. I was just called an atheist...
    Also, there are people out there who don't believe in God. There are people who would be open to knowing God, but they are turned off to the idea because they feel they have to sacrifice their intellectual honesty to pursue anything spiritual. Part of the greatest commandment is to Love God with all of our minds. I don't think these people need to sacrifice their intellectual honesty to know God.
    When you decree that a literal interpretation of Genesis 1 is the only Christian view, you are forsaking those people.

    Why can't you consider my view? At least can you not question my identity and commitment as a Christ follower? Believe it or not, it was my commitment to Christ that lead me to the views I hold today. Please do not spit on that...
  3. Well I have considered your views and I believe you are wrong- I can't make you believe what I believe and vice versa. I believe most 'science' today to be biased and flawed to the point that it is irreconcilable to the Word of God. If you want to believe a different interpretation of God's Word-that's fine-call it what it is. That still doesn't prove evolution every happened. We can argue this to our graves-it's just not worth it to me anymore...I chose to believe God's Word over mans. Can you consider my view and accept it?

    Have I condemned you or questioned your faith?
  4. I have considered your view. I rejected it not because of science, but because it misinterprets scripture... as I have demonstrated. I don't doubt your commitment to God, and I won't label your false beliefs as "choosing man's word over God's". However, I am willing to be a creationist if it is true. But I have yet to find a REASON to think a literal Genesis 1 is the way to go.

    I just want you to look at the amount of support I have provided for my views, compared to the amount of support that has been shown for the other view... it is very lop-sided. Why just leave it at "you'll never convince me", isn't that just admitting that you don't have any solid reasoning for your view?

    You said that you think my motivation is to "cast doubt" and not to "build faith", and you likened my refutation of the article you posted to ignoring the voice of God.
  5. Can we agree to disagree? My apologies if you feel offended...
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  6. You stated you believe in evolution. You state that you are wanting to build faith in God. Then honour God as the creator not the evolver. The reason I am posting this now it to expose your falsity in just one little major item. You said that you have just been called an atheist. It is reasonable to understand that you are referring to my posted words "But I will not continue a discussion with an atheist mind set regardless of what hat it wants to wear. I'm done with you."
    An atheist is an atheist. A theist is a theist. wear what hat you want...but if you argue like an atheist, then you are displaying an atheist mind set. Don't overlook the 'mind set' part of what I posted. That from my experience is typical of the way atheists 'debate'. They take a few words and overlook the true meaning of what is said and then chant the same mantra that you are using "you don't understand" "you missed my point." " You haven't proved a thing " " I showed you why you are wrong" "I provided plenty of links that prove I am right and you are wrong" these are not direct quotes of you of course. This is: "What reasoning do you have to look at the bible literally? Especially when it is a poem?" Your post#244. After having pointed out your error, you post "No I'm not being dishonest at all. I should have said "what reasoning do you have to look at Genesis 1 literally" not "...the bible literally..." your post #249 Then why didn't you? we are not talking typo here, we are talking deliberately constructed argument. You are being dishonest when you post things which are not correct and only change them if you are caught out. Those two posts of yours were 5h26. apart, with another post from you to KingJ in between.. Here is another classic "I already supported my assertion that your view is wrong: Genesis 1 is poetry, and creationism is a modern invention not believed by anyone until after the enlightenment.. The material supplied by you proved you wrong and as has already been pointed out was from people who were not recognized as being divinely inspired any way.
    So you argue that you are right without waiting for anyone to admit that you are? How is that right?
    So you argue from your unproved platform that others are wrong? How is that right?
    Called an atheist? just identified as arguing like one.
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  7. Talks like a duck, walks like a duck.....Tis duck mind-set..

  8. That is EXACTLY what I was just going to write! There you go...stealing my thunder...:p
  9. Hahahha...well....ya gotta thunder faster, I reckon! [​IMG]
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  10. I figured it out sir, [​IMG]

    I say that you haven't provided your reasoning because you haven't

    I say that I have already provided reasoning and evidence for my view because I have.

    I say that I made arguments about why you are wrong because I have.

    ...not because I have an atheist mindset.

    Call me whatever you want, however you want. If you aren't going to actually talk to me about the points I bring up, and let me talk with you about reasons you bring up, then I don't see a point in going on.
  12. What I meant above? or the infamous "bunny wiggle of intolerable cuteness"?
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  13. The bunny wunny (and all the awesome emoticons you use) . I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner :)
  14. Me either....but by your copying my emoticons YOU are guilty by association to me...[​IMG]
  15. I was referring (tongue in cheek) to HS's (his post #275)quip about "guilt by association" get it?[​IMG]

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