Creation -v- Evolution: For The Young People

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  1. Having grown up being influenced by "Evolutionary Theory" in public school: I know from experience that this can deter young people from the wondrous creation that God made. So to sum up Creation versus 'Evolution' I offer the foundation for each origin process as it pertains to mankind. (I fully acknowledge there are many more factors and tangents we could tread on this thread)

    Creation: "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."

    Evolution in reverse:

    Mankind - missing link(s) -partial mankind- missing link(s) - partial ape kind -missing link(s) - ape kind - missing link(s) - unknown mammal - missing link(s) - possible reptile kind - missing link(s) - possible amphibious kind - missing link(s) - possible aquatic link - missing link(s) - possible unknown other aquatic life - missing link(s) - unknown single cell animal source - missing link(s) - proteins & amino acids - unknown event(s) - accidental chemical combination - unknown event(s) - accidental materialization of elements from nothing - unknown event(s) - all over an undeterminable amount of time.
  2. There can be more reasons why theres missing links, they either don't exsit as creationist say, or they are yet to be found, or they have be slowly destroyed over millions of years and theres nothing but dust left. Many more extinct animals have been found latley and many more links to humans are found. And all that does is give more strength to the theory of evolution.
  3. This is a subject which has split many forums and State houses.

    IMHO it takes way more faith to believe life evolved that to believe God created it all.

    BTW I am well versed in science and have a degree in chemical engineering.
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  4. HMS..........Do you find it interesting that in all the bones dug up, with all the so called evidence, that a "missing link" has yet to be found? It baffels me that nothing has been found or am I in error on this. The ones I searched have all proven to be wrong or fakes.

    Do you believe that the theory of evolution is incapable of finding the link to prove how everything could evolve from nothing, how life could evolve from non-life, or how one kind of creature could evolve into a completely different kind when it lacks the genetic coding to do so.
  5. I do not believe in evolution.

    The fossils we see were deposited during the period known as the Noahic Flood.

    Read the book 'Genesis Flood' by Morris (a civil engineer) & Whitcomb (a theologian). It's a bit dated, but still relevant.

    The problem is that data are interpreted by assuming evolution first. Example: the fossils found at the lowest levels are the oldest, why? because they're on the bottom.

    But wait, sometimes the 'older' fossils are found on top of younger ones. Ah, billions of tons of younger rock must have moved over top of the older; slowly, over millions of years. (there's also the assumption that current uniform processes acting slowly over millions of years can account for any geological activity seen.)
  6. Neither do I. I just find it interesting that there never has been a "misssing link" found that would tie humans to evolution.
  7. And there never will.
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  8. One queston id like to ask young earthers, how do we account for seeing the light of stars that are billions of light years away. You do know light does not travel instantaneously.
  9. Not being funny-but I will ask God when I get there...
  10. Yes-"dead pools" are where scientists flock when a discovery is found. If you consider the Grand Canyon a washout into the Gulf-the dead pools would be in the northern mid west states-OH LIKE Utah....

    Sea shells on all the mountain ranges? Hmmmmm

    Have you ever looked at the study that was done after Mt St Helens in the 80's?
  11. SOOOO many of my friends have said that "Evolution has totally been proven!" They say it with SO much conviction I almost want to laugh. Then I ask, where is the proof???!!! Evolution cannot explain how the entire universe and world was created. There are only theories and current hypotheses.
  12. Another question I would ask here. Does believing in evolution mean that you can loose your salvation.
  13. Young Earth is based on taking the lineage to Adam and eve isnt it, then if you accept the literal 6 days of creation, which I do, then you have a "fact" that the earth etc is 6000 odd years old, or whatever number under 12,000 you fancy. But is the earth and universe really only 6,000 years old?

    God intended to have his creation around for eternity, humans were able to communicate directly with God, so whats a couple of billion years compared to infinity? Point is, do we have an absolute time that Adam and Eve were in Eden before sin came in and thus began their ageing process outside Eden.

    I think that believing in Evolution is denying Gods power. Denial into heaven on basis of this? I dont think your salvation is going to be rejected for belief in evolution. Unless its technically blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, but then thats another topic.
  14. There is a special application of Eisteine's field equations involved with special relativity that can offer a plausible explanation. Google Nasa FTL Warp.
  15. No-I do not believe in losing salvation-I am pretty sure you either have it or you don't. Now loosing treasures/ rewards in Heaven-that's a different story. I think of it as not so much 'losing' but never gaining.
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  16. How old was Adam when he was created?
  17. I thought for many years that the "theory of evolution" was true and proven. Having sat through Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, etc, secular college after years of bombardment in public school and life experience in the military and what not...I was saved from the knowledge of evilution and will gladly proclaim that.

    When you have a "theory" that everyone is trying to "prove": of course the "data" is going to support it and any "data" that does not is tossed aside. Any anomaly is discarded or absorbed by injecting more "theory" On top of that, we know have at least 60 years of data biased towards evolution which then is compounded by the mindset that evolution is true by generations of people who have been duped into believing it is true.

    The modern day "evolutionary" science is a religious practice designed to take people with "BRAINS" away from the Lord. Evolution -In my opinion-is the most dangerous cult mentality in the USA and the World-it is destroying youth and taking them away from God through tax payer funded public school and research.

    We are so eager to prove "evolution" we will spend TRILLIONS to send a stupid robot to mars while children lay dieing of starvation in the third world streets. How STUPID.

    Evolution removes the purpose of God from the heart of the youth and it starts with the lies about dinosaurs in kindergarten. It is a FAIRY TALE. It is the false doctrine- OPPOSING CREATION: so whom do you think would be behind such an ideology? Who OPPOSES God? I believe my Bible until the Lord returns. No more Lies.

    I am a bit passionate about the subject-my apologies.

    "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed" Adolf Hitler
  18. Paleontology assumes evolution and analyzes the data with that filter. (BTW data are plural)

    They will go out of their way to prove ANY theory that does not include God.

    A scientific theory is one possible explanation of what scientists observe.
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  19. An unbelieving scientist meets God in the not too distant future, but in his pride and arrogance begins telling God about evolution. He goes on to lecture God on all the advancements, acheivements and accomplishments of science. As the scientist rails about how science has made God irrelevent, God just quietly listens. The scientist then aloofly challenges God to show him just how He could create man from dust. God bends down and picks up a handful of dust and begins fashioning a man. The scientist says "Wait! I can do the same thing". The scientist starts to bend down to grab some dust. God stops him and tells him "Go get your own dust".
  20. :D

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