Creation sequence in NOAH: is it unbiblical?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Flavio, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. I know that Darren Aronofsky's Noah, starring Russell Crowe, is an extremely controversial movie but what do you think of the creation sequence?

    I love this sequence, it's beautiful and I showed it to my Sunday School class (not the entire movie, just this 4 minute sequence).

    And yes, I know this differs from the book of Genesis but is it un-Christian? I don't think the movie supports evolutionism, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that the name 'God' was never used - they spoke of 'Creator' instead.
  2. Ok so if it different then God's word, why ask if it is biblical ?
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  3. If you really watch, you can see some evolution in it. The scene where the fish with tails come out of the water and evolve into mamals.

    And the way that they show Noah's children (2 without wives...cuz their not old enough) is contrary to the Word. Its nothing i would want to watch over and over. To many untruths to have to dig up later. And if one does not get rid of those untruths then, it can affect the truth in other areas. When we choose to believe a lie, or renew our minds with a lie, it creeps into other areas of our lives. Most of the time without us knowing it.

    Just my two cents
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  4. Well, while there are parts of the show I enjoyed, like Adam and Eve being light, the rest wasn't scriptural, and it pushed evolution, which is evil, and my biggest complaint among many.
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  5. There is always room for interpretation, the real question here is: does this sequence offend Christian beliefs?
  6. I loved that too!
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  7. There is no room for compromise the word of God. Big time against truth.
    ; (
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    I have in fact watched that movie. My grandchildren talked me into taking them to it. May I say to you with all love and respect to you, but IMO it was the very worst "Hollywood Religious" movie ever produced.

    It is terrible acting as well as totally Biblically incorrect.

    Now I am not a movie critic, but I am a Bible believer. The fact is about Creation in the film we are told, “In the beginning there was nothing.” But the Bible tells us that the triune God existed before the beginning: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

    God was always in the beginning!

    Then the film depicts Noah and his relationship with God. Noah comes off as a psychopathic murderer who is too weak to carry out what he believes is his God-given task. This problem arises because God does not speak clearly to Noah but expects him to assemble a puzzle from a few dreams and visions. The movie then says that Noah, who is willing to murder three men to save one animal, interprets these dreams to mean he is to save “the innocents”—the animals—and kill all of the humans so that the creation can be restored to the way God intended it. Now where in the Scriptures is the record of Noah killing anyone?????

    Then who are those "rock" creatures who cut logs and stack wood and then kill all the humans that try to get on the Ark????

    Where are those creatures explained to us in the Scriptures????

    Then where in the Scriptures are we told that a man gets onto the Ark who is not one of Noah's family?

    And where in the Scriptures are we told that one of Noah's sons wife is trampled to death trying to get on the Ark. How then does her death then allow the sons of Noah to repopulate the earth?

    These kinds of things cause lots of problems for the children as they are taught one thing by their parents from the Bible and their teachers in church, then they see something radically different on TV.

    I would not recommend anyone to watch this movie, especially children. IT is really, really bad!!!!
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  9. But when we say....."interpretation", doesn't that imply ...."well I liked it even though it is not Biblical,".

    My interpretation is that is a movie is going to have the Biblical name of a Bible person, it should then correctly depict the actions of that person.

    If not then it could be called "Rambo 4". But that is just me.
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  10. Hellywood...
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  11. satan is the god of this world or world system so it's only natural that a worldly place follow after its god.
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  12. Yeah i know... But it always pees me off...
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  13. ...and why does it annoy the heck out of me?
    because there are soooo many sheep that follow the wolves, and they're totally unaware of it, but they're totally indoctrinated to have no ear for truth.

    Just now on TV here a so called biologist was explaining to an audience that dinosaurs had feathers.
    I mean, that's no science, that's religious propaganda under the guise of science.
    We should all know that only birds with the total flight package (respiratory system, hollow bones etc..) have feathers as we know them.
    Maybe i should stick my head in the sand to ignore these things that people get fed...
  14. There is a lot of ungodly stuff in this world that we believers should not allow into our thinking. We don't watch much tv because it does not agree with our beliefs, and only causes us to have to cast those thoughts down and renew our minds to the truth of God's Word in order to correct our thinking to line up with God's.
  15. My concern is for the people that are mislead.
    I have no TV myself by the way.
    And i don't believe in NLP.
    Every attempt at that has always bitten me back.
  16. Never the less, my anger indicates i lack faith that God will make everything allright...
    I'm clutching at Revelation 7:9.
  17. Whats nlp?

    I fully agree that is where our love for people should compel us to pray and be a shining light wherever we can. For we Are called to be the salt and the light, in a loving way.
  18. Is it really a lack of faith, or a righteous anger toward the devil for trapping people into a prison that some never get out of?

    God has chosen to need our help to minister His voice and truth and love to others so they can be free from the enemy's clutches.
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  19. Or stop watching that junk on tv...
  20. I believe it does because of the evolution portion. There is a belief within Christianity that evolution was processed by God. That's not creation. Evolution implies that we'd be here without God's help or aid or design. Real science is proving otherwise. With over 30 "constants" in the universe on the knife's edge, that if any one of them were changed just millionths of a fraction, none of us would be here. That's precision, not evolution.
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