Creation Has The Same Order As Scientific Theories Of Evolution

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  1. Did you know that the creation story in the Bible has the same order as the scientific theory of evolution? First came the Heavens and Earth, and Heavens must mean the Universe, and then came the light and dark, and day and night, and that sounds like the Big Bang, and then came the Earth, and then came the land and seas, and then came the fish first, and then possibly the reptiles including dinosaurs, and then the birds, and then humans were the last ones to come, and in evolution theory the sea animals including sea insects and crustaceans were the first, and then came the reptiles, and then the birds, and then came the mammals, and then finally came the humans.

    Even I heard an inner voice from God telling me that "Evolution is technically true". Maybe it meant that it took millions of years to create Earth, and the humans came about 2 million years ago only... We are a very recent creation actually.

    And I found this article:

    I hope it's okay to talk about this. I really believe God created evolution as well, and the evolution theory is nowdays socially accepted, even many born again Christians believe in evolution. Why not?
  2. Many people believe in Theistic Evolution. I don't really see any issue with believing that as long as God was the guiding Hand.
  3. Polly can you give reasons why you think Christians don't? we can discuss those instead of you asking. There are millions, surely you have a few lingering on your tongue.
  4. The order is different. In the creation account, plants were created before the sun.
  5. If evolution was correct, why did it stop at human beings? Why not humans evolve further to a different species?
  6. Evolution is obviously not correct. It is a play thing of Satan's.
    Evolution = no Adam and Eve.
    No Adam and Eve = no sin
    No sin = No Savior
    No Savior = no hope.
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  7. Lol. God forbid evolution be true!
  8. No. Evolution is not a lie created by Satan. And your theory about evolution=no sin is not valid because it doesn't make sense.
  9. Because God intended humans to be humans.
  10. Also, if evolution is not true, then when did black people and Asians and Native Americans come? I don't think they came from Middle East only, like Adam and Eve, and black people were before whites, and it's been proven that white people came from Middle East, but because the Africans went to Middle East first. And Native Americans come from Inuits, and Inuits come from Asians.

    Not meant to be racist. If you think this is racist, then you are pretty ignorant.

    And what about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals? Are they actually demons then? -.-""
  11. No Adam 6000bc = no scripture for 200k years for humans, bible is recent dogma
    Evolving accountability = cross a joke
    Natural selection = evil God , not evil man

    The list is endless.

    I am wondering how in the universe the pope ever condoned it. The Galileo affair influenced him, obviously...but really......

    I don't think he fully grasped the devils intentions.
  12. Wow, you just debunked creationism with your opinion.
  13. If there is a morsel of sincerity in you, you would use google more honestly and share your findings rather then ask questions that always seem staged and anti-scripturual.
  14. What are you going to say next? That dinosaurs live under our level and they will rise from sinkholes and lakes like one Russian prophecy said?
  15. Go ahead, I don't actually like this website, I keep being bullied here and treated like a Satanist by fundies.
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    You kept your avatar of Severus when everyone told you it was idolatry for you....must we remain ignorant?
  17. All the hatred for evolution! I honestly haven't seen anything that's made be believe in evolution. So many people believe it's a fact though and say they can prove it, but I don't understand how they can. My issue is that, to my knowledge, we have next to no links between species. There are no fossils of "in between" animals that there would be if evolution was true. Maybe they've found something that I don't know about but last I heard the only thing they had was a fish that had small legs.

    Even if I were to believe in evolution, God made humans special and could have made them separately. Actually, it would be my belief that God created different "kinds" of animals and evolved them from there.

    (Gen 1:21 ESV) So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

    I've never understood how evolution can equal no Adam and Eve. There were obviously the first humans at some point. But like I said, I'm not really a believer in evolution at the moment.
  18. A good lie is not entirely false… a good lie is deceptive, have element of truth

    Back elementary days, SCIENCE teachers are STRICT to call it adaptation….

    But now, FALSE teachers tries to generalize adaptation as evolution….which is a false generalization, that is half-truth, a deceptive lie.

    And these kids who know little are easily swayed by their slogan “Evolution is a fact”, that is a deceptive statement.

    Adaptation is a fact... that is, more specific, correct statement...
  19. It hasn't stopped, your children and my children will still evolve.
  20. I think I've heard that our little toes and fingers are shorter than they were one hundred years ago. Is that accurate or did I make it up in a dream?

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