Craft or Hobby?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. I do lots of stuff, but I did a lot more when I was younger with more time and energy on my hands. :p

    Needle crafts: embroidery, needle point, cross stitch, sewing clothing, smocking, sewing home decor (curtains, pillows, machine sewn quilts, etc.), knitting, beading, etc.

    Art: painting, charcoals, pencil, watercolors, etc.

    Collecting: porcelain dolls and white tiger figurines

    Hobbies: playing cards, playing thinking games, reading, studying, internet, board games with the kids, cooking, writing, etc.
  2. I never saw this thread down there!:(

    Anyway...I like to chainmaille, sew (traditional vests), read (lots), fix computers, build things (shelves, electronics and such), etch glass (for anniversaries and gifts), take things apart (usually electronics - then I can't put them back together).

    I fear being bored.:eek:
  3. WW, I want that etching tool!!!
    You know, my dad taught me how to sew....He was cool like that~
    And my husband had a friend who would take shirts apart and and make patterns and then make new shirts.
    These shirts were very expensive to buy and looked like those old pioneer shirts that slip over your head with just a few buttons at the top.
    I love making dresses~

  4. It was one of my first jobs, Violet...I worked in an apparell factory, putting together running shorts. I learned from elastic on up to inspection.

    I could never 3-chain, though. I find it's easier with just a regular sewing machine, crooked as I do it, haaa!:D

    My dad lives on the coast now - so I made him a fishing vest that looks like a traditional vest. Many pockets, took forever to make. He came home and told me that he had 7 orders for me, all of them willing to pay good money for vests.

    Whoah! I got a job, Dad! I told him. I'm not taking orders, I just make them whenever I can!

    I like my job!:eek:
  5. Ha!!!
    I was actually going to ask you if you have considered selling them, online for example....
    I bet it takes such a long time though!

  6. Smocking!!! That is very time consuming!

  7. Nah...I like doing it to keep me busy. If it was a job, I wouldn't like doing it anymore.

    It takes about a week for me to make a vest, bits and pieces here and there.

    I just finished one and gave it to a co-worker for her husband as a Christmas present. He's been wanting one...and I just happened to finish it. Seems to always work out that way, thank the Lord. The right size, the right color, etc.
  8. I'm thinking about getting into bow-tying. You know, learning how to make those beautiful bows that everybody seems to have on their Christmas presents each year?

    I always get mine from the dollar store, and then it looks so cheezy sitting next to a big fluffy beautiful bow.:eek:
  9. Go for it! It really isn't that difficult to learn how to make all different types of big beautiful bows. Plus, start now and by next Christmas you could have a big supply to sell and make some money. :) I read about this lady here, who goes to rich people's homes, and she professionally wraps their gifts for them and makes lots of money. I was telling my mom that I need a job like that. How come I didn't think it up first?!?!?
  10. Bookworm.

    I spent all weekend tying and untying bows. I would get really frustrated because it didn't look like a bow but a big, mutilated flower. I was ready to give up AND THEN BINGO!

    Me and my brother went halfsies on a flatscreen TV for my mom. I put my first pretty-bow on that present for her. Then I started cranking them out one after another!

    WOW! I never knew these two hands could do that!:eek:

    I'm learning different styles now. After I got the hang of the first floral-bow, the rest seem to just fall into place.:D

    Huh. You learn something new every year, huh?
  11. Hobbies: Working on rocks and all that involves. Rockhounding, polishing rocks, making silver jewelry. I used to do woodworking but now rock working has taken over.

    It was funny I just built an addition onto my rock room in my shop. I told my wife I was gonna put a bed in and move out there. I got it done finally and one of boys was talking to her, he says "dad isn't really gonna move out there now is he?"
  12. That's funny!
  13. I had a rock polisher but the sound drove my wife insane.
  14. Theatre stuff: makeup, lighting, directing, acting, special effects - I do this stuff as a service to my Lord.

    Home stuff: x-stitch, sewing, reading, music, cooking - This is stuff I like to do, but don't have much time to do it at this point in my life...I will return to it eventually.

    Outdoors: hiking, swimming, camping, shooting - these are family activities.
  15. Got a circular saw for Christmas...think I'm going to start making my own bookshelves, shoeshelves, etc.;)

    Something "guy-like". I caught some flak for the knitting thing, heh.:eek:

  16. Nuh uh!!!:(
  17. My hobby is to rebuild the garden of's not as easy as it looks.:israel:
  18. We will just have to use the original blueprints brother.:)
  19. Garden of Eden

    Don, are you serious? I love miniatures and taught a class once on making plants. How would you know what the Garden looked like? Is there actually some mention of it?
  20. Hobbies

    Actually, besides miniatures, I love to read, kiss babies, take children to nursing homes, sing (with an accapella group), discuss religion and politics, and take photos of babies.

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