Courageous-call to commitment

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  1. Hi all

    I plead to all fathers to watch this scene from Courageous the movie, What this man is preaching is so very true.
    My dad was not interested in building relationship with me - never married my mother and did not care to help out in any way. But there was my GRANDDAD he loved me like his own son, he build a father relationship with me. But he struggled with addiction problem and was not interested to change. I use to be angry why did God not help him to stop and hear me when I called on to Him. After school could not wait to move out of the house and one year after I left home he stopped one day with his diction it had been almost 2 years he has stopped. I grew so much in my faith after I left home, and am in a very good place in my life. In my Senior year my real father was in a very bad accident he was hit by a car in the early morning hours, I did not feel any pain or sympathetic to him. I did not want to attend the funeral and am still happy I did not go they had him in a child's coffin that is how bad the accident was.

    But my God is good and he has a reason for everything that is happening in my life. I am strong and courageous and will never follow in his footsteps, and therefore I am very thank full for my granddad.

    Please dad's you do have an very important roll in your child's life's they look up to you and love you.

    I would just like to give an shout out to the one and only God thank you for all your LOVE and blessings you give

    God gave you this life because you are strong enough to life it <3 ! ! !

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  2. Better Yet Watch the entire movie. One of our favorites.
    Integrity - We All know the word - but - stacked against God's Word - How Do You Measure Up? - Integrity - Don't Leave Home Without it !!

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  3. Awesome movie for sure...

    And we are grateful to God for His involvement and growth in your life Quintus. You certainly are an asset to this forum. We really are blessed that you are here.

    God is the greatest Father of all time for he wrote the book... :) .. and blessed us all with the opportunity to obtain a copy, So we can know how He loves us all... if we dare to search The Scriptures and try to trust Him... He will prove faithful

    God bless you abundantly in all you do and put your hand to!
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