Could We Add This To Current Forum Rules?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by 福井舞, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Oh. So no actual oblivion for that topic either? Small pun there.
  2. so the OP just doesn't want anyone to be critical of homosexuality because he himself says he's one.
    OK. Even though the Bible says otherwise.

    I guess this applies for those caught up in known cults as well, we can't be critical of them either? Even when we know ppl damaged by them, molested by them, persecuted by them?

    ok. this forum isn't what I thought it was.
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  3. We can't be friends with the World. Sorry it's not going to happen.
    Either love one or hate the other, you can't serve two masters. People can delude themselves into serving two masters, but God knows our hearts. When God called out the Israelites to separate themselves and be a holy people, He meant it. When he calls out believers with the new covenant of Jesus' blood, He also wants us to be baptised and cleansed of all sinful ways. If you haven't gone in to be delivered from evil and still willfully sinning then you are presuming on God's grace to set you free. Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter heaven.

    The gate is only open to those who profess and are not ashamed of the gospel. It is a very narrow way. unfortunately, some people insult Christians and say we are narrow-minded. Well, better to be narrow-minded then so open your brains fall out. Do not be deceived. Jesus wasn't into legalism, but nor was he into feel-good religion. He says follow Him, not a church or a religious institution or your own ideas.

    When we truly repent, God is faithful and just to forgive us. Do you not think He will? He does not mean, repent and then keep on sinning.
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  4. well, you don't seem to know me well, or what I stand for, or maybe you just don't care

    let get one thing straight here

    is homosexual behaviour a sin?


    is committing homosexual fornication in one's mind a sin?


    can you point out those on this forum?


    do I think you should be able to point those out on this forum?


    do I think homosexual behaviour as well as homosexual fornication are sin?



    there is a clear difference between pointing out sin as sin, as oppose to insult, use derogatory personal remarks against another human being.

    so in another word, it is one thing for you want to make the statement that homosexuality is sin on this forum, it is another for you want to release your personal hatred ( which has NOTHING to do God's righteous, or coming from Him at all) by insulting another member on this forum and try to hide it behind the whole scripture says homosexuality is sin pretext.

    in fact, that kind behaviour is very cowardly, if you want insult someone, at least come out and say that is what you want to do.

    hiding behind the scripture just make you coward, not only that , how dare you use God's words as a cover?

  5. Ok

    you need to stop employ false logic here

    gluttony is a sin too

    it is a prevalent sin within in Church too

    it is one thing to point out it is a sin

    it is another to call people who struggle with it as " disgusting fat people"

    as for homosexual people who damaged , molested by their lifestyle

    I think you need to mind your business.

    I can guarantee you if they want to hear gospel, they wont want to hear from someone like you.

    Jesus ultimately come to save, and while He always call sin as sin, He also shown compassion and love to those who are caught in their sins.

    Christians who comes form a place of hatred should stop comparing themselves with the Lord.
  6. There is a very clear difference and it applies to ANY sin.

    It has been my experience that the phrase 'I tell you this in love' more often than not is used as an excuse to beat a person (usually a believer, but not always) over the head while feeling good for doing so.

    There are just some topics that can not be discussed without getting ugly. They just bring out the worst.

    Whenever these topics are brought up, the Staff cringes and issues a warning that the thread will be closely followed.

    I draw your attention to Eugene Peterson's translation of 1 Corinthians 14:1 "Go after a life of love as if your life depends on it, BECAUSE IT DOES."
  7. The Moderator Staff will be watching this thread for new content. There were no postings in this thread since July 30 and we are just reminding the two persons who re-started this thread to remain civil without demeaning others. Thank you for your cooperation.


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  8. Ok.
    Sin is sin, just cos you have your own does not mean you can avoid confronting it by deflecting it on others and saying pointing it out is offensive.
    Yes gluttony is terrible sin too, and self control is a fruit of the holy spirit. It is terrible the way people indulge these days and destroy their temples by overeating. If you also struggle with this you can find help just as you can be delivered from homosexual desires, or any lustful desires for that matter. It is not something Jesus cannot do anything about. No baby is ever born that way. When you are born again all things become new.
    I would encourage you to know the truth as it will set you free. I have been freed of many besetting sins myself, all with the grace of God.

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  9. Well this has been an interesting read...been getting a little heated.
    Sinful behaviour must be confessed to God for repentance.
    Members must obide by the Community Rules of this site too, this is what this topic was about and it got side-tracked.
    Refering to the original post; I think those points are included however some topics need to be monitored by staff members.
  10. well, I think you are missing the point.
    it is not about abide by community rules
    it is about behaving in accordance to scripture.
    I often find it interesting that it is the Pharisees that Jesus reprimand the most and often in a harsher way
  11. Shouldn't all who receive Christ abide by scripture anyway?
    We must live as written in scripture as these are God's instructions.
    It is rather sad that so many Christians disobay scripture in seek of selfish needs.
  12. I agree
    but we don't live in a perfect world
    and all of us are so imperfect.
    I don't know how long you have been around the church
    but a late friend of mine, who was a full time minister, reply to my comment " Christians can be rather vicious" with " oh, we are worse sometimes"
    this probably why despite this being a Christian forums, we still needs rules and moderators to keep us all in check.
  13. Yes I think you're right and your friend is a very wise person.
    Christians can behave very poorly and go directly against God.
    I wouldn't like to be in that situation. We are judged by Him after all.
  14. um..not sure what to say.
    I think if we been hurt by some other professed believers we can't take it out on other believers and assume all believers are like that.
    I don't know if any comment of mine was offensive or was I not minding my own business? But I am always about my Father's business and if He says this is your business cos it's my business you reach out to this person then I can't say no God I can't say anything to this person cos they'll hate me for it, sometimes He just says you need to speak what I say and don't worry cos it's on Me....

    I'm not one of those Pharisees that say..cos I'm not like this tax collector I tithe, I go to church, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't cuss etc, thank you for not making me a westie-bogan lol. He made me chinese and us chinese ppl have our own peculiar besetting sinful traits in our culture so...just saying none of us think we're better than anyone else as God has no respect for persons..he has no favourites in other words we all inherit the kingdom if we's just our own personal reward is based on what we do with our new lives in Christ. And Jesus came to set us free from sin so we can live it.

    ok enough from me..
    well it was fun typing in italics.
  15. I am having a hard time at school right now, as such I wont be checking this forum unless I have some urgent prayer request. So I will talk to you then.


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