Cost Of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Discussion in 'Business and Finance' started by Charlotte, May 2, 2013.

  1. I have been retired for only a couple of years and they are killing me on my Medicare supplement. In just 2 years it has gone from $126 to $156. If I had been using it I would understand why, but I have only been to the doctor once for a minor illness. This website says that the average cost is around $136. Can anyone suggest a company that has good prices for a plan F and doesn't keep going up?
  2. Thank Obamacare- what till all the tax hikes start to REALLY hit starting this month for the next 20 years!

    We wanted socialized governmental controlled healthcare-well it's going to cost us....

    I doubt you will find much better anywhere.
  3. Welllll...I've been given medical care in many different countries. The spin is that American medical is the best, but when the rubber meets the road, it's not as hot as you would think. There's a heap of propaganda swirling around American wealthy doctors that just isn't reality.

    For me (and I have tested many foreign doctors) I would rather not bother with any for-profit regime.
  4. A lot of doctors are quitting the hospitals here because of their downgraded salaries, over worked schedules and govt regs dictating how to 'treat' patients. And that's before 'O' factor kicks in....

    In my experience, many foreign doctors are better trained outside the USA-then they come here and don't have 1/2 million dollars in student loans to pay off like USA trained doctors do....

    Just my opinion...
  5. That may be true....Thing is: healthcare varies greatly from place to place, and the stats are not so hot for the US.
  6. I concur...Doctor....;)
  7. For example: where I live, there is no way a family will cart-off "Mum and Dad" to a nursing home. They have them move in with the family and the medical system has a mobile nursing system that does in house care.......FREE!
  8. Come on now...ain't nuthin free....
  9. It is here...PM me and I'll explain.
  10. Up here in Canada it's a bit different. I hope that things work out for you Ma'm.
  11. Yeah. Health care costs in the US. I remember the last time I bought travel insurance. It's like, no problem, here's some cheap travel insurance! Oh, wait, you're briefly going to be in America? Let me multiply that number I just gave you by ten.
  12. Sometimes the US under President Obama is accused of being socialist. But with the influence that private health insurers have, I hardly think that this is actually the case.

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