Cool, but scary too

Discussion in 'Snaggables' started by Who am I, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Cool, but scary too

    Taken Thursday night, April 3, 2008.

    Lariat # 2 Sandridge Energy

    South of Ft Stockton , TX

  2. Did you know that photo is fake? :D
  3. Sorry, Who, its a fake.
  4. The Eiffel Tower is something of a giveaway. :D
  5. *Snort*Snort* ROFLOL (roll on floor laughing out loud)
  6. Actually, you can tell the photo is fake because the tornado and lightning is fuzzier than the forefront photo of the tower thing-a-ma-bob.
  7. Sorry everyone.
    This one came from a good Godly friend of mine.
    I didn’t bother looking close or checking.
    My fault.
  8. Not your fault, brotha.

  9. Actually, the "eiffel tower" is a drilling rig. They are drilling for oil. That's what lends believability to the picture. Tornado alley is also where the oil fields are numerous.
    However, if you will look at the flags at the base of the rig, you will notice they are limp. Also, take note of the dust on the left side of the picture, its rising, but there is no wind blowing it around. And lastly, if you know tornadoes, AND the West Texas area, you will know that the air would not be that free of dust with a tornado as close as the picture implies.
    Dont feel too bad, though. My son, born and raised around West Texas was fooled, too!
  10. I liked the pic anyway and I would have not know it either especially since twisters do generate a lot of lightning. BTW isn't that an oil rig?
  11. Yes, I knew it was an oil rig, but I had to look twice. I made the "Eiffel Tower" comment to see if anyone else saw the resemblance.
  12. Ah! I see! Sorry, no offense was meant. We have those drilling rigs all over the place around here. Pretty commonplace.

  13. I haven't really seen many drilling rigs in my area but we have those oil pumps that remind me of grasshoppers.
  14. I think they should have put the Eiffel Tower in there.

    Y'know, I am so getting Photoshop one of these days and having some "Photoshop Fun" w00t.
  15. Oh, none taken. :) I am sometimes too vague with sarcasm.

    Grasshoppers? May I see a photo?
  16. I know what they are called but I cannot remind me of the name, grrr

    Here's a picture:
  17. I am familiar with that design, but I'm afraid I don't see the resemblance. Oh well...just some of that NF imagination going for you. :D
  18. It reminds me of that search and rescue picture taken in the San Francisco Bay, where someone photochopped a Great White Shark jumping out of the water and attacking the diver that was on the cable.
  19. I never saw that picture... Do you still have it?
  20. Yeah, that happened last weekend at my place.

    I'm kidding. :p

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