Conviction VS preconceived idea

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  1. Conviction VS preconceived idea

    I dont think many people think of this but.
    Whats the difference between a Holy Spirit Conviction and a preconceived idea.

    An example is something like this;
    Its been drowned in to my head from a young age that dancing is a sin, every time I dance I feel strange for it.

    I know a crazy example, but I am just interested to see peoples replies to do.

    God bless.
  2. Well .. God knows the heart .. so it would be hard to judge .

    but what you're talking about sounds like a pre-concieved notion affecting your subconscious .

    can you find passages that say "dancing is a sin?"

    can you find passages that seem to make dancing seem as something God likes?

    how do these passages highlight points in your own life story and somewhat coincidences in your own mind chemistry .

    for example . David liked dancing . and had a lust problem . does this mean everyone who dances before the Lord will get a lust problem? not all of the example follows always . but it is important to ask the question in these passages . what is God's opinion of this? and if any other opinion is influencing you in the text other than God's opinion .. then the question: what are your priorities?

    for example .. Michal his first wife hated him in her heart for his dancing . but he was known as a man after God's own heart .

    so some may say it is about balancing relationships . but i can think of a letter in revelation and a couple conversations Jesus said .. that it's not about that at all . it is about following Him and being an example of love/God while you live it . so it really depends .. what path you're on with Jesus .. some people could care less what Jesus says in the gospel and let the letters dictate their walk . and others the complete opposite . some are being taken through the old testament journey in their lives in a figurative manner and may see things differently also . there are many things God is all doing at once . so as to whether it is a preconcieved notion really boils down to this:

    1) Can you trust God when you do it?
    2) Does doing this take away from your ability to love others or amplify it?
    3) Is this something that humbles you, and causes you to esteem others as better than yourself?
    4) Is this causing you to sin?
    5) Is this causing you to become conceited and disrespectful of other people because they won't accept you?
    6) Is this causing you to think you're better than everyone else?

    So it's really in the self examination that one finds the answer to take back to God as a question .

    that's what comes to mind .

    Stay blessed,

  3. 1) Can you trust God when you do it? Yes
    2) Does doing this take away from your ability to love others or amplify it? Nothing.
    3) Is this something that humbles you, and causes you to esteem others as better than yourself? Nah.
    4) Is this causing you to sin? No, I dont think so.
    5) Is this causing you to become conceited and disrespectful of other people because they won't accept you? Yes
    6) Is this causing you to think you're better than everyone else? Some what yes.

    Thank you, that enables me to reassess it a little bit more and bring this thing back in to line, I think I might be getting a conviction because of my thinking about this thing. 'dancing' as I put it lol.

    God bless, thats really helpful.
  4. Cool!

    Stay blessed JLA :)
  5. Who's telling you that dancing is sin; God or man?

    I have shared this before, but I'd like to share it again . . .

    When I first got saved a sweet couple tried to convince me that women should not wear shorts. That is their conviction, but I just do not agree. So, I asked God why women can’t wear shorts if they are modest shorts. His answer was very simple. He said, “I never said you couldn’t.” I argued with Him about what my friends had told me and all He kept saying was, “I never said you couldn’t.”

    Then, He led me to Acts 5:29 . . . “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Wow! I finally understood that God doesn’t always convict everyone of the same thing. I believe our convictions come from what He knows is best for us individually at particular times in our lives; just like we do our children. We teach them with the expectation that they will learn, grow, and mature. As they grow we expect them to take on more responsibility according to their own level of maturity, and as they take on more responsibility they are given more privileges. When their responsibilities are not upheld some of their privileges are suspended, but our love for them is not. We discipline them accordingly, but we do not disown them and kick them out of the family.

    For a very long time when God would convict me of something I thought He meant that conviction for everyone, and I would get all judgmental toward those who wouldn’t follow the same conviction. Then, I realized that just as we deal with our children individually, God deals with His children individually. We must follow our own convictions even if others don’t follow theirs, and even if the convictions of others are not the same as ours.

    God is not going to judge us according to the convictions of others but according to the convictions of our own hearts. But, we should pray for those we think are wrong while at the same time keeping an open mind to the possibility that we might be the one who is wrong. If we are wrong we should make things right according to God’s leading. If we are right we need to live that conviction without trying to force others to see things our way. Yes, we are to be concerned for one another, but we should never pass judgment, label, or call names when we disagree.

    The key is to have a mature and teachable spirit that is not easily offended, because there will always be someone who disagrees. It is not our job to pass judgment. As Christians it is our responsibility to point out what we believe and why then let God do the convicting and the convincing.

  6. Hey , I don't know your age but I was brought up the same way but over the years have mellowed and when the world is involved , and worldly music where people do very provocative movements ... I don't want to be part of that .

    Let the Holy Spirit be your guide .... not people .

    You will be convicted according according to what the Holy Spirit tells you and if you feel uncomfortable then don't do it .

    There are some beautiful dance movements such as a walse or even country ... line dancing that is fun so I leave it up to you and every one is different.
  7. The conviction was based off thinking I was better than others and so on, not how I view things..
    So now I am working on that, lol.
    At first I thought it was my thoughts and preconceived ideas, but I get it now...
    I really have changed at heart alot, kind of liberated a little...
    I see now everything is a chance to reach people, so worldly things like music and stuff don't bother me as much, so long as I am not consumed with them myself.

    I really dont know much right now, kinda concentrating on becoming a fool. as Paul spoke on in 1 Cor

  8. Whooo hoo! yaaaaaaaaay! time for crazy foolishness .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hehhehee

    but seriously .. yeah . everyone needs to humble themselves to become wise .
  9. I know alot of worldy stuff.
    I can tell you the ins and outs of Islam and pretty much every religion, but its all useless to me.
    I can tell you how an LED tv is made, I can tell you how to fix your computer when its wrong.
    But I cant tell you anything that is of much importance with God.. well I lie, I know a fair bit, which is great but alot of it will problay change too as time gos along, because alot of it is from childhood understanding, dating back to teachings from the United Church and so on, one that does not embrace the Holy Spirit.
    But I have had the luck of being part of the pentecostal movement earlier on, so I guess I have that too.
    I dont know, I need to become a fool so God can repair the foundation this house is being built on... if you get what I mean.
  10. Well if you know all that stuff .. then re-examine to see how it points to Christ and work it into your conversations when it seems it would be relevant and helpful . army chaplains know all sorts of stuff about a number of faiths so they can encourage all the soldiers to be of good courage and keep their chin up .

    and if you understand the ins and outs of electronic devices . offer to help people for free with it .

    it could become some kind of ministry for you . somehow .

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