Contridictions in the Bible

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  1. There are NO contridictions in the Bible.

    There are linguistic differences based on the times the book was written in.

    There is the fact that CONTEXT must always be considered to the whole.

    But in most cases, it is simply a lack of being educated on the said subject in question.
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  2. Here goes nothin'...

    In Genesis 1, it says that the light was separated from the darkness (having once been enmeshed/mixed), which is a contradiction to reality. Genesis 1 also states that light existed before the sun, which again, is a contradiction. Day and night are shown to be two realms where light and dark are held, this isn't the case at all. Day takes place when the sun is shining on your particular portion of the earth that you inhabit. Night is when you are on the other side and can't see the sun. Night and day are arbitrary results of galactic circumstances, not a division of light and dark.

    Going back to light existing before the sun, some people will argue that the light being referred to is Christ, who is the light of the world. First of all, that's a misapplication. Second, if Christ was the light referred to in Genesis 1, then He is governed by the sun. Imagine that... almighty God being subject to a non-sentient ball of gas sitting in space.

    Genesis 2:
    How could Adam & Eve have been held responsible, while not knowing it? God holds Adam responsible for sin before Adam even acquires the knowledge of good and bad... in fact acquiring the knowledge of good and bad is the very thing that they are punished for.

    So God requires that they do good and not bad, but He forbids them from learning the difference between the two? Do you see what I'm getting at? If they don't have the knowledge of good and bad, they are not free or moral... nor should they be responsible.

    I post this not because I want to destroy faith. It's only when we have passed through the fire that we know which is pure and which is dross.
  3. Hehehehe, your post strikes me very funny!!!!! You seem to forget that God created all of this. (Or maybe you don't believe that)

    If God is so mighty and powerful as to create the sun, then why would anyone question His ability to create light without the sun? ?"God created the sun and then fell powerless without it"?

    Hehehehe, that just tickles me!

    Adam was clearly told not to eat from the tree and they disobeyed. God told them the there would be a consequence for eatring from that tree "In dying (spiritually) you shall surely die (physically).

    Therefore, they knew better and made a conscious decision to rebel against God.

    IMO the knowledge of good and evil is a different topic. The issue here was not a lack of understanding of good and evil, but a failure to obey God.
    It was not because Adam and Eve didn't know any better that they ate. On-the-contrary, they knew because God had warned them.

    Toddlers don't know or understand good and evil, but they are able to understand right from wrong.
    I always left breakable things within arms reach of my toddlers, and told them do not touch. They knew when we were in other peoples homes it was wrong to touch certain things when I said "no, no". I never had a problem with them.
    Adam and Eve were told "No, no" and they chose to disobey.
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  4. Genesis #1....
    The heavens, the earth, light and darkness were created on the first day (Gen. 1: 1-5). At first, the universe is in the most basic and elemental form until the Holy Spirit began to "move" (vs. 2). It is of interest that the Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician, and Indian mythologies all present the world beginning in darkness and in a basic stage. Some think they have discovered a contradiction because the sun and moon are mentioned as being created on the fourth day (vs. 14-19). There are several explanations offered to explain this alleged contradiction. Many scholars believe that since light is a mode or condition of matter that the light mentioned is light or luminosity that was the result of incandescence (any solid body can be rendered incandescent by being heated up to between 700 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit). It is certain that it was not until the fourth day that the sun became the permanent appointed center of radiation for the moon.

    Geness #2....
    THis is as old as I am. It has been asked and answered over and over and over. YES they were responsible my friend. They could exercise personal responsibility by keeping faith in the commandment of God not to eat the fruit. Adam and Eve did not have to experience evil in order to become responsible for good. Adam and Eve were to know good and evil by becoming one with the absolute standard of goodness, which is God. By being one with goodness, they would know that anything not in relationship with them would be evil. Anything outside the sphere of relationship with them and God would be fully known without the need to morally experience of commit evil. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve, learned about good and evil the opposite way, that is by becoming one with evil, they fell outside the sphere of relationship with God. That is why they were not permitted to eat from the Tree of Life in that state.

    Are you sure you are trying to build faith??????

    What else would you like to ask?
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  5. Hello Ginger! You beat me to this one. It had been posted so long ago I didnt know anyone still read it.
  6. It's been resurrected!!!!
  7. Friend,
    This statement has gotten me banned from three web sites so far but the truth is just that and the absolute truth is that the Bible, from "In the beginning" through the very last "Amen" of Revelation 22 is of one context and it is written for those that have ears to hear the truth! When I was a self made Atheist I, likely, would have agreed with you. The problem now is that I am indwelt with the Holy Spirit and He has changed my entire out-look! By "out-look" I do mean that I have Spiritual ears that are open now and spiritual eyes to see with now and without the indwelling of the Holy Ghost it is absolutely impossible to understand the scriptures. The day before my indwelling, the Bible was gibberish, but the very hour that the Spirit overcame me it was and still is crystal clear. Just as these kind and gentler than I folks have been rying to ell you, there are no errors and no contradictions in the scriptures.

    What is needed is a Spiritual inventory of yourself!
  8. no way can you believe that. different times, different languages, different audiences, different authors, different messages, different themes, different covenants.... all of these change context, and all are present within the scripture.

    okay, I will go along with this if you can show me how my interpretation is wrong.

    You see, I don't see the scriptures as gibberish. I put much value into scripture. If we really want to know what the truth, then we must be brutally honest about what scripture does and does not say. Those who seek will find.

    i find these types of statements offensive.
  9. The Bible is not gibberish at all. Pray before you read and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what it is that is written. Th e whole Bible makes perfect sense to me ever since I was a little kid. Sometime you gotta read it 2-3 x before you will understand what it is saying.
  10. I just wanted to post a drive-by comment on the whole sun/light fiasco being a contradiction. The sun = a source of light, not light itself. There is no contradiction at all, just a lack of understanding. In fact, it only makes sense that light came before the sun. Hope that helps.
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  11. It's this whole idea that God is dependent upon His creation (nature) that is so ridiculous.

    Think about it.....
    God can't create light without the sun? but God created the sun!
    Or God couldn't create a human being without using the dust of the Earth? yet God created that dust!
    God chose the way He wanted to create and chose to do so in a logical order. Light first, so He could see what He was doing! hehehehe ...... sorry.....

  12. The problem with this answer runs in two separate directions;
    A. You are not indwelt with the Holy Spirit.
    B. You are quincing the Spirit.

    In either case your answer makes no sense in the realm of Spiritual Matters. When I owned my first business I would sit there and dictate letters that my secretary would then type or, on occasion, hand write and I would sign them. I was then, in either case counted as having written them in any court in the world. In like manor, God used about forty men to record the scriptures that He inspired them to write. And here's the essence of the entire Bible, Salvation, one context!

    This is a rather silly request! I am not God in either one of the three persons.

    What you say here is true but the method of seeking is very, very, important. If You have not or if you do not listen, follow and obey the Holy Spirit you can never find the truth. You are seeking on your own!

    And for that reason i always lift the matter to my Master before I type this type of statement. But there is the major problem with the church today, they are no longer the Church. These buildings called churches are filled with ear tickling pastors that are of, for or by God! Anybody without the Holy Spirit is instantly offended because of possible implications from anything they say or do in the future. On the other hand I and all of God's Children, the Church, do spiritual Inventories at least once a week. It is such a serious matter of concern that to take the LORD's Supper without having done one can send a body to Hell!
  13. There are many perceived contradictions, but our perception of certain passages isn't always accurate to their true meanings.

    One example was Jesus feeding 5,000. People nit-pick the responses by the disciples are not identicle in all the Gospels. Each author is telling the story still tells the exact same story.

    Two Gospels say:
    "We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,"
    and the third says:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . five . . . . . . . . . . . . . and two fish,"

    So, where is the descrepancy? In fact, these so-called contradictions add credibility to the separate accounts!!! Ask and detective what he would think if he questioned three suspects/witnesses and their stories were word for word identical.

    One of my sons nit-picks like that. If I call a movie a show, he corrects me and insists it's not a "show" it's a "movie".

    So, if you talk to both of us separately and I say we saw a show and he says we saw a movie, would you assume one of us is lying?

  14. Hey sister!!!

    In the very same vain of thought, consider the word "Cool".

    Today when some one say ..............."You are cool", it means that you are GOOD, or FINE etc.

    Take the same word and go back 3000 years and then when the word COOL was used.........someone went and put a coat on or started a fire.
  15. If those who question the soventry and power of the Creator do so because they can not comprehend light without the sun, then we must ask them how they will be able to understand Revelation 21:23.......................
    "And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it; FOR THE GLORY OF GOD DID LIGHTEN IT, AND THE LAMB IS THE LIGHT THEREOF".
    The glory of God in the New Jerusalem will light the earth!!!
  16. Ok, I can not set back and let this go...
    No need to be brutal! God's Word is quite simple and plain for those who read and study and seek the Holy Spirit's guidance. The bible says what it does! and there is nothing it does not say!

    God is the (only) Light!
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  17. Of course there are contradictions in the Bible :p

    Proverbs 26:4-5....

    4Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
    5Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
  18. LOL That's a proverb you silly goose!
  19. Proverbs 26:4-5

    4 Do not consent to and agree with the comments and/or actions of a fool. You might be identified with him.
    5 Accurately correct the comments and/or actions of a fool. Otherwise, he might become conceited, thinking himself wise.

    "Plumbs Right For Picking," doktor.doc, 06.27.2011. Entry may be quoted by responsible persons.
  20. What we have here is not contradiction, but dilemma -- an indication that when it comes to answering fools, you can't win -- because they are fools, and there is no practical cure for foolery. So: It is unwise to argue with a fool at his own level and recognize his own foolish suppositions, but it is good sometimes to refute him soundly, lest his foolishness seem to be confirmed by your silence.

    Do you have another example????????
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