Contradictions In The Bible???

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  1. I should have wrote.."That appears to be your fear" My apologies....I don't expect any of your time and I hope you have gone beyond arguing...recent posts of yours appear calmer.
    As a gentleman, I thought it fair to warn that I may minutely investigate dispensationlism a la Darby, Scofield, Larkin, Rylie, LaHaye and Lindsey.....If I did not, I may be accused of "blazing six guns' again.

  2. Not so Mr D. I am more spiritual than I was when I was born again and I find many more are. Scientific knowledge may not increase our Biblical knowledge, but linguistic discoveries and changes over the last century have change how we perceive the Holy Scriptures. The Dead Sea Scrolls for one, which those you bring up did NOT have.
    Now I noticed something about dispensationalist views and I'm not quite sure why that has come up as well? Did someone make a preterist statement?
    In any even I agree with Rusty, we should stay ON TOPIC or make a new thread.

    Sorry I was on another forum dealing with a preterist.
  3. Stan...It started at #229 and my post #230......Theological assessments must not be done with personal favouritism, IMO.

    Good points, Stan. Biblical archaeological science, creation science, as well as linguistics is light years beyond the "good ol' Victorian" days.

    19th century morality is NOT like it's literature depicts it...That's a simplistic as thinking modern Hollywood is the norm for mankind....Nope.

    The 19th century had (and I'm reading historical books on these subject right now):

    1. Legal heroin and opium....the whole "Christian Empire" of Britain hooked China on their Indian imports of the drug ...on purpose....for mercantile reasons and the blessings of mainstream churches.

    2. Crime was so rife in Europe that they had to create a new organized system to fight it....taxed paid police forces.

    3. Prostitution was just as plentiful then as it is now....just not taxed or regulated.

    4. Christian nations destroyed ancient cultures, with priests and pastors in tow, and called it "Christianizing the pagans"....when it was just plain old colonizing with a pretty "church face" on it...when convenient.

  4. Yes or even earlier like the Shakespeare years. Take look at the content of a lot of his plays.
    Even George Takei would say "OH MY!" at some of those.
  5. The publisher's preface to the Webster Bible states that he mastered 20 languages, including Hebrew and Greek. Burgon was an Oxford man, and his 20th Century successor Hills had a PhD from Harvard in textual criticism. The modern age has saw no real advance in either knowledge of Hebrew or Greek since the 19th Century.

    How do you know that Burgon is wrong without hearing him out? Proverbs 18:13 says;

    'He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.'

    Not trying to denigrate you in anyway, but there is nothing wrong in reading a book you disagree with every now and then. I am secure enough in my beliefs that I am able to. Are you? If you won't give him a chance, maybe some other readers of these posts might.
  6. Right...There has never been a "Golden Age " of the Church in the world...Only those who wish to boost theological affiliations wax poetic about the past.
  7. 1. Drug addiction today dwarfs the 19th Century.
    2. Ever been in the inner cities of America? Far more people are in prison today than in the 19th Century.
    3. A CNN survey I once saw indicated that 95% of Americans have engaged in sex outside of marriage, and that the numbers are the same for church goers as for society in general.
    4. Western 'Christian' nations in the 20th Century started wars that killed more people than all the wars in previous human history combined. Talk about 'perilous times'.
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  8. Prove it. World wide population percentages THEN of heroin addicts, absinthe drinkers, patent medicine cocaine addicts,...the lot...You are looking only at American stats I guess...
    Where? In America? Perhaps, but the penal system was just cranking up there then, and frontier justice, lynch mobs and turning a blind eye to drugs were the norms....
    That may be so...However, few people, let alone Christians ,would admit this in those days anyway...and there was not TV, surveyors, or instant info, as well.
    No doubt about that...I was talking of colonialism....the destruction and domination of Africa, Asia and the Middle East for $$$, not wars per se.

  9. A publisher's preface is self serving at best. There is no record that I can find that substantiate's any linguistic credentials by Webster. I alluded to Burgon's attendance for 4 years at Worcester College(part of Oxford), but whatever the degree was is NOT recorded anywhere. My point is those who use men to support their beliefs don't always KNOW what those men had by way of actual credentials or qualifications. Better off as far as I'm concerned to LEARN God's Word through the Holy Spirit and cut out the middle man.

    IF Burgon supported the KJVO sentiment then I don't need to read him to know he was wrong. Common sense and my limited knowledge of Greek translation and the KJV tells me he was wrong.
    Proverbs 18:15 also says: The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.

    I find myself in agreement with Paul when he writes in Eph 4:14;... no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.

    God said it, I believe it! That's settles it.

  10. When you make blanket statements like this, it is expected that you support your assertions with some sort of citation or reference. Within relative context, I find these assertions to be dubious at best. Prior to the 20th century, societies did NOT have the means to assess these issues as well as what has been assessed in our modern society.
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  11. Preciously and your asking for proof is the same as my asking for it.
  12. Well, I guess you guys don't have to believe anything I say if you don't wish to. I'm sure all the material I have about Webster is full of vicious lies designed designed to propagate the deadly heresy of Webster Bible Onlyism. If one's beliefs are so fragile they can't endure reading a 100 page book, then what good are they?
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  13. Believe the word you wanted to use was precisely, and what statement did I make that you require proof for?
    I agree I should reciprocate in kind.

  14. We don't know what you have or where you got it Mr. Darby. That is why I asked. I am not inept when it comes to researching and I have not been able to find much that supports your assertions for these two fellows. I've never hear of WBO, but I know a lot about KJVO and if ANY of Burgon's teaching precipitated that movement then I don't want to know anymore about him because the KJVO movement is WRONG..
  15. This below Stan was , to me, asking for proof, evidence, data from Mr. Darby:

    I was asking the same thing in my post #275 of him
    Assertions are "preciously" little proof ;)
  16. That's a low blow and reverting back to rudeness...Who are you to judge a man's fragility? Stan has made it quite clear he has deeply researched this matter to his satisfaction and his beliefs are not to be weighed in your scales and judge "not good" or "fragile".

  17. I have to say AMEN!
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  18. What happened to the "Contradictions" in the Bible??????
  19. It's pretty simple to understand, Major: Mr.Darby and Stan are exploring "contradictions" based on various translations and their commentaries....Go back a few pages and you might be able to follow along.
  20. There aren't any.

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