Contagious Demons

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  1. I know a lady who does not talk to her mother, or allow her children to talk to her, or accept any gifts from the mother. She believes that if she does talk to the mother or accept any gifts that an evil spirit will come over her, and her children. She said that every time she would talk to her mother on the phone her children would get sick.

    Is there any scripture that supports the belief that a demon can come onto a person through materials, talking to someone, or entering various places (homes, graveyards, or whatever), and then make that person sick, injury them, or affect their mood? Or is this just superstition?
  2. Obviously, in the OT, a person could become unclean for various reasons and could pass it on. Thanks to @Preachers Wife From some other sources, I have heard that people can become "oppressed" by demons from homes and items from previous owners. The other night? I watched a show where a woman had a long standing break from her mother who had previously been into black magic. She invited her mother to her new home, in an attempt to reconcile, and her mother used her granddaughters room which she was using to call forth spirits and there was literal hell for the family to pay after the mother was ordered from the house. I have also heard that this is how evil spirits can be passed on to "church" members in charisma based movements.
  3. Evil can be very contagious. Misery loves company. A charismatic cautionary tale:

  4. As my pastor always says, often the power of devil is what we allow! If she is going to fully believe that by talking with her mother, something bad is going to happen, then that is what is going to happen most likely.. It is not just negative thinking I am talking about.. This is unbelief.. Bible says, He is who is in me is greater than he who is in this world. But if we don't believe that, then the one in this world has the upper hand..
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  5. Like human criminals, demons use any "opportunities" for causing trouble to their advantage.
    There are people who are demonically oppressed who can bringthe little monsters along with them
    (like fleas on a dog) and spread them wherever they go. There are objects that can have a demon who
    "owns" the object and goes with it hoping for the opportunity to cause trouble wherever the item is.
    And people can invite the little mosnters into their lives at any time by their own bad behavior.

    They (demons) do not have free reign though, God only gives them so much rope.
    If the woman has a problem with demons harassing her family, she should look to her own life and wonder why God is allowing
    her to be tormented so. Is He trying to get her attention and wake her up to the sin in her own life?
    I have had quite a bit of experience with demons. They are a terror mainly to those who are not right with God.
    And though God, for His own purposes, does allow the enemy to attack His saints, He does so for the edification
    of the saint. e.g. you can't be a warrior if you are never in battle.
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  6. Without a doubt, one should put on the full armor of God, daily. I don't know the specific circumstances that the OP refers to but I do know good Christians with strong beliefs can be oppressed by evil. And evil works on an individual's weaknesses: ill health, children, folks who are sinning and not repented.
  7. I agree with your pastor. If we allow satan and his minions control, they will take it, every single time. If we rebuke satan and his evil hordes in the name of Jesus Christ they will flee.

    Ole horn head likes to play games with our minds by whispering stupid stuff in our ears. We have to turn to God and His Word to keep them at bay.

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