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  1. mankind has this wish to contact aliens on other planet, presumably super advanced aliens with starships able to warp to earth and say hello,
    pity mankind can believe in aliens but can't believe in God....huh. oh that's religion right unless
    its aliens and then we can believe..that they are aliens who want to impart super knowledge, not moral understanding.
    But lets assume there was no God, just for a minute, just aliens.
    What do we know about aliens? well nothing..except if we look at ourselves.
    So lets look at Earth as an example of what aliens will be like,
    they are warlike, kill one another, destroy, abuse, pollute, rape, get the picture,
    so we want to contact aliens who most likely are like us and will invade the earth and
    cook humans on the BarBque on Saturday afternoons?
    Even if we look at the animal kingdom its all dog eat dog man,
    there are no little green men out there living in peace,
    Say no to aliens don't invite them here, thankfully the earth is protected by God even if
    he made aliens.
  2. As long as we are being speculative (which I enjoy)...

    Choosing to disregard the no God portion of your premise:

    What makes you think that aliens, if they exist, would not be part of God's plan?

    What if their Adam & Eve never fell?

    It would make interesting parallels.
    Angels being both good and fallen and physical beings both good and fallen.
  3. Many on this site won't agree with what I'm about to say, and that's fine. Aliens are nothing more than fallen angels. If you read up on the days of Noah and believe the actual written word of God and not someone's interpretations (I'm very much a literalist) you'll see that the fallen angels have two desires: one, pollute the human gene pool, Gen 3:15, and second, have their abilities in human form for worship reasons. As spirits they cannot be worshiped. When they invade a human (possession) they can't 100% control the human and they can't manifest their power through them except in strength. The world wants the demons just like Sodom and Gomorrah did so they can be superhuman. Almost every sci-fi movie today has the same theme: make "better" humans. It's not a coincident. In fact, if you really want to see what happened in the days of Noah watch the TV mini-series movie by Spielberg called Taken. We are in the midst of the days of Noah because they messed with the genes of humans back then too and created giants and kept messing with DNA until only Noah's line remains which was perfect, meaning whole, not sinless.

    Aliens are real, but they're not from other planets, they're demons trying to work in the physical and just like in the day of Lot, humans are desiring strange flesh, Jude 1:17. Designer babies are coming soon. Fear not the demons/aliens, for they've already lost. Focus on Jesus. Many reject this whole idea because they don't really believe the word of God and the spiritual battle that's raging all around us. When's the last time you heard a sermon on how to enter a trance in the Spirit, Acts 10:10, Acts 11:5, Acts 22:17? So if preacher don't preach how to live in the spiritual, how can they teach about what goes on there and how it affects the physical? Just say'en.

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