Contact with people who don't allow viewing of their Profile?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Bondman, May 5, 2011.

  1. It's quite important that I contact a Member with regard to a thread concerning another Member (a serious situation) - to supply info. that would help Member 1 with posts to Member 2 (if that made sense!!)

    I may be missing something, but Member 1 doesn't allow Profile viewing, and with PM's not on this Forum program and unable to do a Conversation (or even a friend post) - what do I do?

    Help please!

    - BM
  2. Oh, maybe not many people view posts in this forum... I have to presume that there's no way I can contact the person concerned anyway - which has a direct effect on advices to someone in trouble in their life right now!

    Some answer here would be most appreciated! Thank you,

    - BM
  3. Bondman, thanks for pointing this small "difficulty" that I've also encountered in this forum. The person, Member 1, should use "Follow" you so s/he can receive conversations or PMs from you. A Member can restrict his/her profile messages AND conversations to people that s/he only follows. I hope there was a better option or an added feature (i.e. the profile messages and conversations can only be viewed by the one you had chatted with and not all people that you follow and so on).
  4. What is the reason that you can't start a conversation with them? Do they have it disabled?
  5. Thank you, Gemma!

    Yep, Bana! Complete lockout, with no way I can see for any personal contact. Thanks!

    - BM.
  6. Mine is checked but is restricted to People I Follow Only, my personal preference.

    *I've now changed it to Members Only.
  7. Well, you could request that they follow you, or you could follow them and then openly ask them to start a conversation with you. Otherwise, one of us would presumably have to intervene and invite you to a conversation.
  8. Okay, thanks Bana. I have to admit that Conversations and Follow all confuse me out of my brain (I must be getting old - oh, I am... hehe!!) There IS 'Follow' for me to click, which I didn't, as I wasn't sure how that would work. (Bring back PM's. They were sooo easy!!)

    Hey, did I dream it or are you getting married, like real soon?? (sorry if I've got that really, really wrong...)

    Once again, sincere thanks for help. Much appreciated!

    - BM

    EDIT: Oh, I think that the urgent need for this has maybe passed, and I will be 'brave' and try Follow if need be anyway!
  9. I'm still getting used to this software, so I haven't tried moding anything yet. It's still Jeff's baby as far as I'm concerned.

    And, if by real soon you mean tomorrow, then yes, I"m getting married to a wonderful Christian girl tomorrow afternoon after a very long courtship.
  10. Wow, fantastic! CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!

    My Beloved and I are 21 years in, and because of our ill-health have been together 365 days of every one of those years!! (we actually multiply the years by 3, so we're over 60 now, because we reckon our time together is at least 3 times longer than that of the average person).

    And I can say in the presence of the Lord that if you have as wonderful a marriage as we do, then you'll be blessing His name constantly, and continually wondering what it was you did to be blessed by a wife so incredible and so amazing!! (We love each other more today than at any other time, and this growth somehow continues...)

    Bless you both on your Special Day - and on EVERY day thereafter!!!

    Much love!!

    - BM

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