Consumed in the Lake of Fire

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  1. Consumed in the Lake of Fire

    Hey: I posted a question back when I was new...I wanted to know, if heaven is all good then what was I going to feel for the bad people that I love who don't make it?

    Finally, I got an answer this morning...on the TV program that I watch (I never wake up in time to catch the name of it or the preacher's name).

    He said that it didn't matter! In heaven, the righteous will rejoice and dance in the glory of God. They won't worry about the loved ones that are left behind. And they certainly won't care about those that they might have loved who were sent in the other direction.

    In fact, he said, when a person is sent to the flames below, they're sent away from God - the worst experience imagineable. God has sent them to be consumed by the flames in the lake of fire. So, God makes it as if that person has never existed at all.

    In heaven, he said, we'll have no memory or recollection of that person, because they're sent away from God, into the lake, and God makes it so that they never existed in the first place.

    In heaven, we'll have no pain or suffering, not even remembering those that didn't make it.

    So...I guess that makes me feel a little better. Anybody else got ideas on this?

  2. I've always felt that if we do, in fact, remember those who went to Hell, we would see it in the same light as God does, seeing the justice of it. I don't know that I could prove it by scripture, but I believe the condemned will also see the justice of it. Isaiah 65:17 says "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind." Which reinforces your idea on the matter.
  3. Rumely I agree with you 100% about seeing things thru God's eyes for scipture declares when we see Him we will be like Him. I do not beleive that the damned cease to exist:
    Rev 14:11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
  4. And then, there is the scripture (sorry, forgot where) that says that Jesus will wipe away every tear. To me, that means we will have comfort and reassurance and wont grieve for the ones that were lost. [​IMG]
  5. These words are comforting, guys, and they insist that I take action as a Christian to help those people that I love.

    Leave a bible on their car. Buy them some good Christian music CDs. Loan them some of my uplifting videos.

    Yowza - there's countless ways I could be trying to help them.

    Thanks for the input.
  6. more than any other witness you could ever leave for your friends and loved ones.. a life lived with the servant heart of Christ will do more good.

    I would not necessarily recommend leaving a Bible on their car or trying to force them to listen to the music you would have them.. offer them.. but don't insist. Your life is the only Bible that Jesus' needs to reach others for Him.

    "the only Jesus they'll ever see
    is the One in You and me..."

    as to the theme of the thread.. I agree to an extent but I do not concern myself with such questions which take away from the focus of my life.. to highlight the greatness and mercy of Our Father through my every action.
  7. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ!:D
  8. My father-inlaw got saved when my sweet wife left a bible tract out for him to read. He is (at 83) now a preacher and ministers in prisons, retirement homes and is an awesome evenagelist as well. It is always good to plant seed.
  9. In the account of Lazurus and the rich man we see that those in Hell are aware of those in heaven and on earth. However, we see that there is no indication that those in heaven or on earth are aware of the suffering of those in hell.
    Personaly I believe that if those in heaven have any knowledge of those not present with them it is only the pleasent,good memories of those not present. That which we take with us in our hearts.


    Luke 16,19-31
  10. Bo - that's awesome! Praise God!

    My older sister, the non-believer, recently started praying with us when we have family dinners at my house. I take this as a big step towards her being saved. It made me want to cry when I opened my eyes to see that her head was still bowed and her eyes were still closed. Something so quiet and innocent appearing can stir up such big emotions in the hearts of Christians. She looked like a child again.

    Theo - I'm going to get up early some morning and get the name of the show that I watch in the mornings. He's an older preacher on TV, and he speaks with a gentle voice. But he pretty much said what you just said. When God sends those who didn't obey Him away...they're put apart from God. When those of us who have obeyed and loved Him are taken home, we're close to God.

    Thanks, Theo. Those are powerful words.

    I wish I would have taped that show. He was answering mail and he had envelopes on his desk. Maybe someone here knows him?
  11. I would not insist on any specific action. I do however recommend one very highly, though certianly it is not easy or quick.

    First, live as godly a life as possible.
    Get to know and be known as much as possible by loved ones and those about you as you can.

    Let it be known that you believe in Jesus. Not by words alone, but by actions, kindness, caring respect, compation by practicing a love based on the understanding of 1 Corithians 13

    Expect at any time to give the reason for the faith youhave in Jesus. Not some canned, prepared ,scripted, rehearsed responce that you picked up from a semenar, or church evangilism cource. Keep it real and personal.

    And this is the important part. . .
    We are here to witness. To bring Christ to the people not bring the people to Christ.
    If they ask that you walk with them a mile and will let you walk with then two then walk with them, but don't try to take them on a road trip:rolleyes:

    The biggest problem today with the evangelical church is the perseption portrayed by the church that once there is an interest we are to drop the whole gospel on them then and there. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Give them a sincere, short and truthful answer and take it no farther than they are willing to go.
    Never forget.
    They are spiritual infants , drop too much on them and they will choke on it get smothered by it and become afraid of you and it.
    Make the experience pleasent, informitive, and above all, truthful and they will return. Do other wise and they may never seek the truth again from you or anyone else. Witnessing and evangilism is a team effort and a process ,not a single shot, one person,winner take all sport.

    If your talking the talk ,you better be walking the walk, because even a new born can tell the differance in a bottle, a breast and a pasifier.


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