Conquest of promised land!

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  1. Conquest of promised land!

    Nation of Israel was under Egyptians power, in which they were forced as slaves to build kingdom of Egypt. Egypt describes world in the Bible, which is slavery of the sin. God saw misery of His nation in Egypt and heard their shout and saw their anguish in the land of Egypt. Therefore God decided to release His nation and promised to lead nation of Israel to the land, where flows milk and honey. Nation of Israel couldn’t serve freely God in the Egypt, because nation of Israel was forced in slavery to build the land of Egypt, which was as the target of worship of many idols. God led nation of Israel away from Egypt, so that they could serve freely their God, who is Creator of all the earth, Almighty, God.

    Wandering of nation of Israel towards promised land is also exemplary to the congregation of new covenant, which also gets liberation from the slavery of this world and departure command towards kingdom of God, to the land where just ones lives. We are going to follow now wandering of nation of Israel towards conquest of promised land.

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