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  1. Hello friends,

    I just wanted to share with you all that my ministry is as big as its ever been.

    I have a record braking 550 people in my congregation now; I am using audio equipment to make myself heard; the queues are out of the church door.

    In a church poll, some of my congregation members come from over 100 miles away for my special services help once a month.

    As you can imagine 550 people packed in a church on Sundays is a lot and I thank God for it.

    Just wanted to share with you all, what wonders God is doing in my life.
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  2. Wow.

    And as they get sent out, they will make more've got at least 7 churches you can plant with that amount of people as they spread out....that's great.
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  3. Jesus is blessing me.
    Now with two jobs, it's time.
    May have to call upon my Curate to help on some I think.
  4. Oh My goodness...Praise God! Fish this is such a wonderful praise report! Thank you for being obedient to God to preach His Word! Any chance in getting to hear or read any of your sermons?
    And may i ask what the special services help includes? Just curious :)
    May God richly continue to bless your obedience to Him, cause your congregation to continue to grow and to always give you utterance to speak what He desires for your congregation to hear! God will give you everything you need to complete His tasks according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus!
    Grace and peace be yours in abundance!
  5. I don't have any sermons etc online as they need to be commissioned by the Church of England, however this may be available in the future.
    My special services including, little plays, video sermons, PP presentation style sermons, fancy dress and the 'Christmas Turkey Rock 'n' Roll'.
    The last one is packed full of Christmas fun, away from the traditional services that many are accustomed to.
  6. Wow! Definitely sounds wonderful! God has gifted you in many ways! I look forward to what happens in the future :)
  7. Me too and thank you. ;) (y)
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  8. I think many rural churches round here would be glad of you! Salle (usually pronounced Saul) would be a good challenge for you. Very small population but quite a magnificent church ;),_Norfolk
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  9. Haha; Norfolk is one place I have never been.
    I also think my success is how people like their services; I dare say if people like them traditional, my way of preaching may not be for them.
    Of course, if there is a consensus and people want a traditional service, I also do this.
    I imagine it is a Catholic church?
    I could request a guest visit and preach but I have to be authorized by the Catholic church to provide this service; I have done something similar for a church in London.
    The church was due to close, I wrote to the Vatican asking special permission to hold a service under strict Vatican set protocols; they granted, we raised £6,000 and saved the church. Somethings are meant to be some things aren't. :)
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