Congratulations Psalm91! Promotion to Moderator!

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by HisManySongs, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Congratulations Psalm91! Promotion to Moderator!

    CFS would gladly like to announce that Psalm91 is promoted to Moderator!

    Congratulations, Psalm91! We are so happy to have you here on board!

    All moderators look good in RED! :D

  2. Hey Psalm91 .....

    Congratulations ....

    Welcome aboard .:smiley90::smiley90::smiley90:

  3. Yay!!
    I just happened to be thinking about that yesterday. HAHA

  4. Congratulations! I know you will be great at it!

    <>< ><>
  5. Yes he will :D
  6. Hey Psalm91 congrats to you. hey I'll throw an extra chili on the grill 4 ya. How do you like yours, green or charred? I like mine charred with a Ribeye steak and fresh garden salad. MM



    God chose a good 1. I voted 4 ya but nobody knows that " SHHHHHH"
    Right on my brother from another mother..

    Chili out.:smiley10::smiley20:
  7. Oh no there goes Chili making us hungry ..... YUM
  8. Is that flowers? You're going to eat flowers?? Ok go ahead, and I'll eat the steak!
  9. Thanks for the well wishes everyone......hope I do a good job.
  10. I know you will. You have always done a great job. Now share that meal Chili made for you and we will all be happy.
  11. Wow... Congratulations.. Have my own forumsite before and it's good to be one of the Moderator, the admin, etc... Sad thing, you can't persuade people to come and posts.. My moderators in my site are lazy and lack of support to me...

  12. LOL... This post made me laugh.. :smiley10:
  13. Godspeaks, Those are edible flowers. i forget the name of em but it starts with a G and the leaves have a pepper like taste :smiley10:

  14. Hmmmn, seem it looks like Gumamela... Is it Gumamela?
  15. They look like Nasturtiums to me.

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