Confusing Situation And Loneliness

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by Preety, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am feeling very vey confused these days.

    My ex bf and I, we broke up after 3 years together. He was not christian but he used to accompany me sometimes to church. He wanted to quit our relation for crazy selfish reasons. This hurts me really a lot. The last time I went to church, I could not really pray but keep asking myself why this happened.

    I could not live alone, so I met another guy quickly after one month of my separation. I really feel loved with the new guy. He is so nice at heart. Of course he is also not christian. We spent 5 months together but we keep quarelling a lot. Even if we feel that we love each other a lot, at the same time we feel we have so many differences and we never agree on so many things. My problem is that I use to work a lot, and my work life balance is a problem. On his side, he has 2 kids and since I am not yet a mother, I am not used to the kids and I often feel very jealous or that they are his priority. I truly love him because he is so nice at heart, always helping others, I love his presence but at the same time I feel annoyed very often. We both keep asking whether this relation will work, should we keep trying though we quarel and upset each other a lot though not intentionally.

    I havent been to church since 5 months, as I still feel so confused in my head with this new relation even though I feel that I love him a lot and that he love me also.

    One week before, I was so annoyed and left his place. But then for the whole week I could not sleep, I was really too sad, I could not work, I am unable to control myself, but just sleep the whole day. I realised that my feeling is too strong. I dont like changes. I like to keep my relation. I needed him around (even an sms from him would give me comfort). I thought i would just take a break, go back to church, take care of my spiritual life again, but no, I was unable to go to church either this sunday. My heart and my head are too confused and sad.
    I have no family here where I am living, and I even cant share much of my pain with my family to avoid them being worried for me.

    I am always worried about my future and feel that relation, wedding, a baby is not the gift of life for me. I want to go back to the guy and tell him that I really love him and I am not against his kids (though I am having trouble to adapt) and at the same time, Im thinking if I should let go of this relation as we quarel so much though it is not intentional and we end up hurting each other often.
  2. Hi Preety

    Hope you weren't expecting a quick reply to a Monday post like this ;).

    You need to lose that feeling of loneliness from spending time with God not with boyfriends!
    When you can do that you will be ready to make a relationship work and obey God's advice on relationships, like courting, marriage and then intimacy.

    Praying for you!
  3. there is a reason the Bible warns about not being unequally yoked.

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