Confidence In God And His Word.

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  1. Major, not only do I not mind, but encourage you to give your 4 or 6 cents worth. I always enjoy your posts.:)
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  2. Now in 2 Timothy 3:16 I believe Paul is addressing Timothy directly and is directing him to use scripture to "teach doctrine, reprove, correct, and instruct in what is righteous". This leads me to believe, obviously, that Paul used scripture to do the same things, as is written in his epistles. I would also think that he instructed any leader competent in knowledge of the scriptures and in agreement with the gospel to do the same. Apollos would be one listed as this type of leader/pastor/elder/teacher. Paul also warned of other false teachers who would lead them astray, those who taught something different than what Paul taught. So this would give us a guide as to who one should listen to and take correction from. Prove all things, then take guidance from the ones proven faithful.
  3. You are way too kind to me Moose. I am nothing more than an old country boy.
  4. I agree 100%.

    Consider Paul's warning in Gal. 1:8
    "But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed."

    When reading some of the stuff on forums and question boards, one must wonder whether or not a lot of people have not read that warning from Paul?

    Any thoughts on that????
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  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I occasionally catch Les Feldick on TV, he has an "old school" Bible study format and has an incredible grasp on scripture. Of course I don't agree with him on everything, who does, but I respect his inspired viewpoints greatly. He has taught that Christians should look to Paul's epistles for direction on their daily walk with God. He poses that Jesus was talking mostly to Jewish people, of course, and much of what He taught was initially meant for Jews. Paul inspiration is our connection to what was intended for future Christians. Not sure I'm totally on board with that, but I see what he means.

    He often talks about how many people try to discount Paul's teachings as just letters to specific churches. But he points out that Peter writes in 2 Peter that Paul's epistles are scripture for our benefit.

    So yes, I believe too many people ignore or discount Paul's teachings. I believe Jesus gives us the examples of the Way, and Paul's inspiration gives us how to apply those truths into our daily life.
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  6. I agree with you! Good points.

    Also, a lot of people get confused when they read Matthew and Hebrews and try to make them books for Gentiles when they are clearly written to the Jews. I can not tell you how many people I know who even read the Revelation and come away with a church doctrine.
  7. trying to copy the boldness and confidence of smith wiggleswoth without the love and tears of compassion of smith wigglesworth?
  8. I would like to add to what you said.

    We all are responsible for our souls. What one does, or does not do will determine where he or she will spend eternity.

    Jesus gave us his Holy Spirit to teach and guide one as to how to live God’s Word. The Holy Spirit will give one an understanding of God’s Word. That understanding may evolve as one becomes closer to God.

    (1 John 2: 27) “But you have not lost the anointing that he gave you, and you do not need anyone to teach you; the anointing he gave teaches you everything: you are anointed with truth, not with a lie, and as it has taught you, so you must stay in him.”
  9. "No scripture is of mans private interpretations."

    Of course you can have and get a clear reading(?) understanding of scripture . For faith in God comes by not only hearing the Word of God but by understanding the Word of God.
    If a man can understand the scriptures enough to get 'saved' or BORNagain . Why is it thought that he cannot understand the scriptures to be sanctified healed or delivered or transformed by the renewal of the mind? Or to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God ? Or to be filled with the Word of God richly that "ye have overcome the wicked one"? 1john.
    The man who was let down through the roof and had his sins forgiven through faith did he not then also believe to get up and walk?
    The great problem in the church today is that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been reduced to being BORNagain (for A peace sake)which is but the getting out of Egypt and has made the wandering around the wilderness for 40 years as the NORM .When in fact it took only 40 DAYS to get from Egypt to the banks of the river Jordan.
    and whatever happened to "when the Spirit of truth shall come HE will lead you into all truth"? Which interpretation of scripture should we take heed to? Mans ?Or the one who inspired to write it in the first place?
    Is God dead?
    Has not the Holy Spirit come?
    Does He no longer lead?
    Or capable of leading men to the truth or the right understanding of scripture?
    Or is it that many have a name that they live but are dead?
    That many are unwilling to follow ?
    Or many are always learning but never come to a knowledge of the truth?
    We have many or multiple versions of the Bible because people seem to want the truth to be what they think it is and if it does not conform to their truth , they change it, or find a 'teacher' or 'preacher' or bible that does .
    The denominations came about because like those who built the tower of Babel found a pleasant place (by pass meadow?) and decided to make a name for themselves and built themselves a tower or high steeple(?) Instead of going out into all the world....
    So God had to use some one else outside the denomination to further His programme .
    Thus each denomination persecuted the one that followed thinking that they had all the truth (like Peter) and denied that which was given next .
    We now have all the denominations all holding fast to their truths and fighting to the death only that part that fits their 'school' of theology.
    Rather than contending for THE faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints" Some will take that as justification for their church as having not changed at all and thus wrongly conclude that THEY are the church which the scriptures speak of.
    When in fact it could be argued that God" gave them time to repent but you would not"
    But we have this confidence "that God knows who are His" even as we know that the tares and the wheat have been allowed to grow together in the field .Which is the world.
    Till the tares are gathered and tied together in bundles FIRST . and all the different bundles religious and political and lifestyles etc even to the left and the right are but the different bundles being tied together FIRST "ready for the fire"

    We are now in a reverse reformation and there is a growing idea (leven) in the church that unless you learn Hebrew and Greek you cant or don't understand the scriptures .It will soon be an offence to preach without the approval of men . As it is also more or less an offence ( if not yet in law ) to say that they who say they do are wrong .If so be they are .
    The end result despite 400 years of preaching the gospel in English with an English BIble and a world wide missionary outreach people are slowly and subtly being led away from the Bible to 'experts ' and even to some who count themselves infallible .Or to any number of false apostles and self proclaimed prophets .By the simple expedient of robbing people of their confidence in God and His ability to keep His word and to enable SOME translators to accurately translate HIS Word into whatever language is deemed nescersary .

    In Ephesians 2 .One of the primary purposes to what those true anointed ministers of God are called to do is not only to perfect the Bride but also to bring all who are His "to a unity of the faith" Now if faith in God comes by hearing and understanding the Word of God .Then to have a unity of THE faith there needs must be a unity of understanding also . Which does not mean a myriad of private interpretations .
    But of that understanding which is of the mind of God and in the mind of God when he inspired men to so write what is written .
    This I know of only one person in SCripture ,who knows the mind of God That is the Holy Spirit of God and of truth . Rom 8:27.
    For if it is according to the will of God it is then acording to His mind also . For God is not divided.
    and they who also in scripture who say they have the mind of God in A matter do so because they are LED by Him in the matter .
    If then you say there are many interpretations .Notwithstanding levels of spiritual maturity .Which is not what we are speaking about here .
    Then clearly something is wrong and people are being led by their own hearts at best and subjecting the scriptures to the intellect and the wisdom of men . Given the state of the world and the condition of our own hearts without Christ .I would suggest nay rather insist that is the wrong approach to the study of the scripture s.

    in Christ
  10. What can be seen or understood in a second by the Spirit of God quickening your spirit may take years for the mind to catch up with and be able to articulate .
    The wisdom of man cannot understand the foolishness of God .How much less les then can it understand the wisdom of God?

    It may hurt the intellectual pride of man "but the wounds of a friend....................." prov 27:6 are far better than the ignorance of a fool.

    But the intellect in and of and by itself is a false light.
    For it too has to have its own quiet and unseen at first, revolution. For even as the heart needed its own transformation ,so too the mind which has to be renewed also and enlightened.

    in Christ
  11. Er..............
    Is God dead then?
    One reason why I love the Bible is that it provokes thought and makes me think in ways I had not thought before .Joined to that is that God wants you to think and indeed to ask Him for answers . God is not afraid of any mans questions .
    I have to testify that God has always sooner or later has answered mine and those not received yet , I will .
    and inevitably the answer was in the Bible all the time. I just had not 'seen' it .

    I just noticed this should have been answering ;peace like a rivers post.

    in Christ
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  12. Gerald..........this is an old thread and both Mitspha and Peace like a River have long departed either by their choice or someone elses.

    You will not get any responces from either one of them.
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