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  1. My husband left our family home in April this year. I'm continuing to stand for our marriage to be restored in God's time. It is hard to stand for a marriage when my husband has a lot of anger issues inside him, mainly because of money. He is finding it hard living on his own financially, but tells everyone he is happy.
    My main concern at the moment is my son. My husband gets depressed when he has no money and so avoids contact with his son. I think he may have an emotional affair or physical affair but I can't be certain. He spends a lot of time with this other woman and her daughter and I feel that he spends more time with them than his own son.
    He agreed at the beginning to see our son every Sunday and take him swimming and out for some lunch afterwards. He keeps missing weeks, 1-2 at a time and only has him over to stay at his flat/apt once a month.
    My son has high functioning autism and needs to know what's going on. He craves a routine and will continually plan ahead. At the moment he is planning his birthday next year when he's not yet had his birthday this year!
    I pray every night and read the bible. I remain patient that God will do things in his own time, but at times I don't have much patience. I won't want my husband to come back tomorrow because I feel that both of us are still travelling along the path that God has created for us, but I do want my husband to be less angry and see his son more often. It's very stressful looking after a special needs son 24/7 and not knowing when my husband will see him next or what mood he will be in.
  2. We will pray for guidance in your situation.
  3. Thank you :) all prayers are needed at this time :)
  4. Hey there, HavingFaith. I am just now reading this for the first time. And if you're still around, could we get an update on the situation?
  5. Hi Shine
    The situation's got worse I'm afraid. My husband rang me when I was with my mum and son for my son's birthday meal. I took the call when I was in my hotel room. My husband said that he wants me to bad mouth him to my mum so that she'll pay for the divorce that he wants but I don't. I told him that he wants the divorce, so he pays for it. I know he can't afford to pay for the divorce, God keeps putting obstacles in his way :) He then started on me by saying he wants joint custody and then he'll get half the benefits I get for my son. I said he won't get it, but then he started saying that if anyone came round to see where I was living then they'd take my son off me. My house is a little bit messy and it's hard keeping it clean when you've got 2 cats, but I don't live in a slum. After our conversation, I felt like the sparkle had been taken from me and felt very down. I felt emotionally abused and I've contacted an organisation for some help. I'm waiting now to be assessed. I am getting better though, today is the first time for ages I've woken up humming a hymn because I've been feeling so low.
    I've only sent my husband two texts since and I've not seen him at all. He's only been in contact twice as well. I don't like this new man that he's become, he frightens me. I feel my husband has turned away from Christ and let evil enter his heart. He is not behaving like the man I married. There's a good man in there somewhere, everyone that knows him says that. He's seen his son twice in the last four weeks and hasn't taken him swimming for ages.He's seeing his son today and his son is stopping over his tonight.
  6. There is no good advice for a divorce: if he has purposed in his heart to divorce you-let it be on his head-make him do the work.

    At the same time take care not to get steamrolled; 'gentle as a dove-wise as a serpent'.
  7. HavingFaith, the prayers from a mother, a wife are so strong. You have such power in what you pray to our Dad. Don't forget that. God promises us that He will work every evil of satan into something God glorifying. Don't lose faith. :] God totally has your back, and He has never left you. Every situation that you face, is already in Christ. Because Christ is in you. God sees the end from the beginning. And so He even already has a solution to all of these issues. Stand strong!

    Blessings & Peace,
  8. Thank you for the lovely words Paul :) Thanks also for the comments Brother Mike :) The situation has change yet again. Husband now wants to sell this house and wants half of it. I could only afford to rent if he does. I'm going to have to get a solicitor now to stop him as I don't want to move. Please pray for me as I face yet another challenge, thanks :) I want my prodigal husband returned to me so there'll be no more upset.
  9. We will :]
  10. Hi HavingFaith.
    I just read this and I want you to know you don't have to put up with whatever the Devil cooks up for you to eat. Meaning, if I were you, I would BIND the Devil right now an command him to get out of your marriage and take his hands OFF your husband and you and your son. Bust out Ephesians 5 and declare that your husband is THAT husband and his eyes are opened and all deception is removed from his mind. Command the ministering spirits (Psalm 103:20) to go make these things happen right NOW.
    According to Exodus 22, take this matter to the Father and tell Him the Devil stole your marriage and ask Him to perform His Word and restore your marriage right NOW (don't put your faith into the future - you need what you need NOW). And to give you a seven-fold marriage. And a husband who is obedient to His Word, with a heart of God's love for you and your son!

    Tell Him what you want, and expect that you have it (Mark 11:22-24) - God is only waiting on your words. Notice that everyone who came to Jesus got what they wanted - no one was turned away or told that "it will happen in God's timing" - it was "according to their faith". (and you have the faith of God - 1 John 5)

    As for your son, you do not have to accept autism - it is an affliction of the Devil. I have heard firsthand testimony (and medically proven) of a mother whose church prayer group laid hands on and spoke in tongues over her son who was given autism at 2 and had it until he was 6. They told the Devil to leave him and he DID - the evil spirit came out of him and he cried out for it to come back, but it had to obey what the Believers said. Autism is not the will of God for your son and he can be healed today.

    If I were you, I would call Kenneth Copeland Ministries (type them in to Bing and go to their site) and ask them to pray with you for victory and restoration and healing in all these things. Watch their show The Believer's Voice of Victory and you will learn all these things straight out of the Word.
  11. I'm so sorry that you are in such a horrible situation. Keep trying to work it out, and tell your son that Dad is a bit out of sorts these days, and that he'll be ok. If you can assume beyond a reasonable doubt that your husband is being unfaithful, you have the God given privelege to dissolve your marriage. Hopefully it won't have to come to that.

    I'll keep you in my prayers, sister in Christ. God bless you and guide you.
  12. Thanks for your replies and prayers both of you :) They were of great comfort to me :)
  13. Most welcome, but now act on these things - the Devil has trying to keep his defeat a secret from you - enforce the Word of God on him today. Don't wait.
  14. Whilst I agree with everything you said regarding H, there's a few things I don't agree on. I feel you should leave my son out of this, I was quite angry when I read what you'd written. I don't think Autism is the devil's work and nor would I want my son "cured" of it. He is a loveable lad and I wouldn't change him for the world :) He's a blessing to me, not a curse :)
    Talking of curses, I wish you would change your user name and your picture, it gives me the creeps. It is too underworldly for me. You talk about the devil, yet your picture looks evil.
    That aside thanks for the other advice regarding H, I prayed this morning after reading your post and H has rung up twice today for silly little things. God is fighting for me and our marriage :)
  15. Hi HavingFaith,

    I was in no way denegrating your son. The condition of a person does not define that person. What I meant was, in Heaven he will not have autism. God did not create him with autism; so it will, at the least, be gone by then. If I knew someone that had cancer, I wouldn't think any less of them, nor any more, and if they were healed of the cancer, I would not think less or more of them, but would rejoice that they were healed. Your son, just like my son, is defined as a blessing (Psalm 127 - God actually says they are His greatest gift in the Amplified Bible), but the autism is not a blessing and whether you contend for and take his healing now or it is removed by his entrance into Heaven one day, he is still a blessing. He won't be any less of a person or blessing when the autism is gone. You will still know him just the same - he won't be someone different, he just won't have autism; that's all I am trying to get across. Healing has been made available, if you will take it. And again, he will always be a blessing to you. (Think of it like this: a rock is always a rock, even if you cover it with marshmallow, it's still a rock, and if you leave the marshmallow on a while, it's still a rock and if you take the marshmallow off it's still a rock).
    So why don't you ask the Lord what He wants, He'll tell you if you expect Him to answer you and wait to hear - any thing He says is designed to bless you further, so you can't lose.

    As for my picture on here, it is the cover to my 1st book: "The Curse of the Rodain" (part 1 of a trilogy), and the name is for the same reason. The helmet is a knight's helmet resting upon a book. Nothing to be creeped out by - it's a book that is entirely clean and glorifies and dignifies Jesus - He is actually a character in it and has many encounters with people to change their destinies to save the world. It's actually a great epic tale.

    So yes, may your prayers receive speedy answers (if you are, and I am not saying you are, but if you are holding anything, no matter how small or big, against anyone, you need to forgive them to get those prayers answered - forgiveness doesn't mean acceptance or justification of what's been done to you, but rather, is for you spiritually so that you can walk in love (because faith works by love, and love never fails)). Forgiving them doesn't mean you have to go talk to them, it means that with you and the Father, you from your heart say that you forgive them and let it go (forgive actually means "to let it go"). I have prayed for your success in this.

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