COMPLETED: Closing for upgrade

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Hi, the forums will now be closed for an upgrade.
  2. Are we all back up ready to go Jeffin?
  3. Yes, everything is good now. (y) Sorry I forgot to update the thread.
  4. THere seems to be one hiccup Jeffin.
    No big drama, but I have noticed that sometimes..often my notifications are not cleared. Persom x has replied to xxx thread, I read the reply and the notification comes back later on. This has only happened since the upgrade
  5. I had that issue once Calvin but eventually it stopped.
    I think I got it the day of the upgrade.
    No problem to report since.
  6. I have had it happen today as well. As i said it is no big deal, maybe it will go away for me too. If not I'll let you know in a few days then.
  7. Sounds good; any issues just post in this thread or PM Jeffin who can look into this.
  8. I just wish we could limit the posts to 1000 characters. Some post entire books it seems and I'm sorry, I'm not going to read them.
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  9. I 100% agree with you.
    I was just looking at a thread, got three chapters in and stopped.
    Members who may be reading this...please be a little more brief with your posts; other members and staff alike will find it easier to read.
    Thank you. ;)
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  10. A long time ago I have had few members asking me to increase the number of characters and I think as a result I have increased the limit to something large. Let me just find out what the developers recommend and I will accordingly re-adjust it to a lesser number.
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  11. Sounds good. :)
  12. 1 more thing Jeff. The scripture links don't work any more. I have the right style chooser ( Agile) It worked last week. And I have the right punctuation marks . hmmm

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