Compatibility between The Father and His sons

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  1. The Father does not receive brother love for brother love is between those who are the Fathers sons.
    Brother love exists between Christ the Son and those who are born again and are also His Fathers sons.
    This simply means that all brothers have the same Father.
    From the onset what God wanted was compatibility with His own offspring. He did not want to have to control them but simply have offspring that had a totally compatible nature with His own nature.
    This compatibility is in the "... I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a son" realm and not on a God-to-creature level. Born-again believers are on the son level of compatibility with the Father.
    Compatibility our Father wanted "from before the foundation of the world." The devil or any enemy of the Gospel has used every means to destroy this compatibility between the Father and His offspring. The believers mind is where vulnerability to the devil is found.

    How does the devil prevent compatibility between the father and his offspring? All the devil needs to do is keep believers from reading Paul's epistles and receiving the mind of Christ the son.
    The religious world has gone one step further, they are changing the wording in Paul's epistles so that it eliminates the nature-to-nature "Christ in you" relationship between the Father and His offspring, through Christ in you.
    Of coarse only those who are born again have the incredible Christ in you nature. True freedom is found in the "... I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son" relationship the believer has with our father.
  2. Hello @Noblemen,

    Would you please tell me how this is being done? Where can I see evidence of this change of wording?

    I praise God, that, in Christ Jesus our risen and glorified Lord, we have this wonderful relation with God. That He is now our 'Father'. 'The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ', is now our Father too, in Him.

    All this made possible by the one all-sufficient sacrifice of His Beloved Son.

    Praise His Holy Name!

    In Christ Jesus
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  3. Yes some of the new translations, I'm not going to name names. If the believer will read more than one translation and study, they can discern for themselves.
    I am just stating a fact, it's not my job to say who's good and who's bad.
    Most Christians are not studying to see the "in Christ message, the nature to nature, face-to-face, one to one, birthed relationship that we have anyway so that is my purpose to bring that to attention.
    In doing so I must state the fact that there are translations that have lost that message.
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  4. Thank you, @Noblemen,

    I was hoping, that perhaps you could provide an applicable Scripture reference that I could use, to compare, translation with translation.

    I only ever use the KJV myself, for I grew up with it, and am most familiar with it. I remember finding differences in a translation I read, which I wasn't happy with, but that was some time ago, and I can't now remember what it concerned.

    If you would prefer not to provide a reference, or do not have the time to do so, I understand.

    In Christ Jesus
  5. By the use of so many 'versions' not only are we getting a change of words with different meanings like here 'compatibility' but by their use a completely different 'theology' is emerging that has nothing to do with scripture and the truth as it is in Christ.

    A man is RECONCILED to God through the Lord's death and we are SAVED by his life .
    I am not made compatible with God . For He is God and I am man . Or he is the potter I am the clay.
    Jesus is the ONLY begotten Son of God and to HIM is all the honour and glory that belongeth to God .
    I am begotten again by the Word of God and the Spirit of God THROUGH or IN Jesus Christ and In Him I am made a son of God and acceptable to God now bearing His image in me .
    True it is that Jesus is my brother in God but he is the first and when all things have been made subject to HIM then he also will subject Himself to the Father that God may fill all in all.
    True it is that they who are joined to the Lord are of one Spirit. But it is then the Holy Spirit that must reign not me . and every thought be brought into subjection to Him.
    For the holy Spirit is God .
    and the all that Jesus was ;the Holy Spirit is .
    and He is LORD.
    The father loveth me as he loves the Son .
    I am a new creature a new creation IN Christ .
    He in me and I in Him.and he in God .
    To be reconciled to God is to be one with Him ,of the same mind. the saem disposition with the same objectives and purpose.
    It is to be crucified with Christ .
    Buried with Christ.
    and raised together with Christ.
    If God was the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beign made conformable to the Son means that the Father is also my God .Who is God and the only one worthy of the name God.
    I am not made compatible with God .
    I am reconciled to God and saved > not only saved but now are we the sons of God .
    For they that are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God.
    To be compatible while on the face of it seems to be ok to use . There are problems with it on a deeper level .
    That pertains to the nature of God and the nature of man which it does not take into account at all.

    in Christ
  6. Hello @geralduk,

    I agree that the word 'compatible' is not a word that the Holy Spirit uses to describe our relationship with the Father.

    Perhaps 'Oneness' with Him, is more appropriate. For our 'At-one-ment', has been secured by Christ's sacrifice as the Atonement for our sins.

    Yet Noblemen wishes to stress the Father/Son relationship that we now have with God, in Christ, and the fact that the New Nature, which is the 'Spirit of Sonship', now indwelling us in Christ, makes us at-one with Him.

    In Christ Jesus
  7. Hi,
    On reading this I am put in mind of something called the Jasper Ray test. This test puts certain modern translations against the AV. The results are both interesting and informative. Why don't you give it a go I think it would help answer your question.
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  8. Again though a man is LED into all truth as such scripture is so constructed that with the help of the Holy Spirit we are so led .
    So even that term of 'oneness ' is so full of possible mischief and misunderstanding and misapplication by some that as the scripture does not speak even of that I will not also .
    For instance . they who are joined to the Lord are of one Spirit .
    and we have indeed become partakers of the divine nature .
    But by no means are we all of the same mind . Yet paul says that is what we should be .
    That is to say the "mind of Christ" as well.
    Though we have been baptised into the one body never the less there is not a unity of the faith save at the most basic level.
    In that regard then we are not one with God . save also at the most basic level. of being BORN again.
    But I venture to say that the church does not know God who "is from the beginning"
    In that regard we are not one with him?

    Little children your sins are forgiven and ye know the father . Great . Praise the lord !
    But what of "ye young men the Word of God dwelleth in you richly and ye have overcome the wicked one?

    I think I understood what nobleman was trying to say .But you cannot present truth with the wrong terms or words that have such a wide meaning of words.

    in Christ
  9. Yes, @geralduk, I agree.

    Thank you.
    In Christ Jesus

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