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Comparisons... The O.T. And the N.T.

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Dusty, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Comparisons... The O.T. And the N.T.

    This is just a post to make comparisons between the Old and the New covenants . It is to compare Sinai and Zion .

    Sinai speaks of fear and terror ...... Zion speaks of love and forgiveness.

    Sinai is in a dry desert ..... Zion is the city of the Living God

    Sinai , with all it's fear and power is earthly ..... at Zion it is heavenly and spiritual

    At Sinai , only Moses could come and meet God ..... at Zion there is innumerable company , a general assembly

    Sinai had guilty people in fear .... At Zion just people are made perfect.

    At Sinai , Moses is the mediator .... At Zion , Jesus is the mediator .

    Sinai put forth an Old Covenant , ratified by the blood of animals ..... Zion has a New Covenant , ratified by the blood of God's precious Son.

    Sinai was all about barriers and exclusion .... Zion is all about invitation .

    Sinai is law .... Zion is grace

    ( Special permission to print from my Pastor )

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