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  1. With the barrel price of crude oil at a 6 month low and no refinery issues at the moment, the price of unleaded regular gasoline has been decreasing in most of the US for roughly 6 days.

    Please add to this thread with the average price per GALLON of unleaded regular grade gasoline in your area just as an informative comparison.

    Thank you.

    Southern Alabama $2.10/9

    Central Wisconsin $2.19/9

    Western Kentucky $ 1.93/9

    Northern Michigan $ 2.32/9
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  2. I make several trips a month from my home in King George, Va (South of Washington DC and East of Fredericksburg) to a house in Garrett County in western Maryland, passing through portions of West Virginia along the way.

    Prices are consistently $0.20-$0.35 higher in West Virginia and western Maryland.

    Current Prices around Fredericksburg is $2.02.
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  3. Thank you. If we get enough responses in this thread, persons planning summer trips to other states may have a good idea of where to economically fill up the tank along the way.
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