Colorado Shooting

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  1. I was talking to someone at church today about how we as a society could prevent shootings like the ones this week in Colorado. His suggestion--encourage everyone to carry guns. If 10% of the population carried guns the gunman would not have gotten off a third shot.

    What do you think about this idea?
  2. I think it presupposes that any armed citizens in that theater would have had the training and presence of mind to react quickly, decisively, and accurately under the circumstances. If, say, five other people would have been armed in that situation, I'm not sure that having more bullets flying in a crowded theater would have been all that helpful. And, how would any one of the five know that only one of the other gunmen was the bad guy?

    I'm not anti-gun, but I think people on both sides of the issue tend to look at it in simplistic terms. Making guns illegal doesn't keep those who disregard the law from acquiring and owning them. If possession of guns is the problem, the solution is going to have to be more pragmatic and involved than passing a law.

    Seems like today we are programmed to think in soundbites and slogans. Drawing a conclusion like "If 10% of the population carried guns the gunman would not have gotten off a third shot" requires bridging over some huge gaps of logic with assumptions and presumptions. None of the gunman's guns were legal, so a law would not have prevented the tragedy. Arming every citizen sounds like a recipe for complete chaos in that situation. No, preventing this tragedy would have needed a more involved and complex solution.
  3. For me, I struggle with the bigger question of HOW do I apply and implement the Lord Jesus' directions to disciples in cases like these and other violent encounters of this present age... HOW do we take HIS non-violent, non-reciprocative approach to the violent and evil situations we may have to face crossing our path? Mat 5:39, Luke 6:29
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  4. I'll try if i can explain HOW: )

    Love is always active.

    As I understand it, we Christians are not taught to be passive or non-reciprocative

    We are taught to be active and to reciprocate….. in a positive manner.

    It is interesting to note that ancient religions usually promote Golden Rule in the negative form:

    "Jesus' teaching, however, goes beyond the negative formulation of not doing what one would not like done to themselves, to the positive formulation of actively doing good to another that, if the situations were reversed, one would desire that the other would do for them. This formulation, as indicated in the parable of the Good Samaritan, emphasises the needs for positive action that brings benefit to another, not simply restraining oneself from negative activities that hurt another.."

    Positive Form: “Do unto others… = active
    Negative Form: “Do not do unto others….. = passive.

    Now, I think I am a sane person : )
    …. and a sane person will accept the consequence of his act: thus, Golden rule still applies : )
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  5. This is trying to solve a problem by creating a bigger problem.
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  6. I believe the TRUE solution to ANY violence is that EVERYONE accept Jesus as Savior, love Him, love ourselves, and let HIM love others through us. (Yes, it is possible ... For with God ALL things are possible ... Mark 10:26 / Mark 10:27).

    (NIV - Matthew 22:37-40) ... Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

    NO, I am NOT against the right to bear arms, but if EVERYONE loved the way GOD wants us to love there would be NO need for anyone to carry a gun. If we don't love God first we can't love ourselves, and if we can't love ourselves we certainly can't love anyone else.

    It may not count for much, but just my personal opinion ... James Holmes does not love God or himself.
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  7. the more I think about this, the more my friend at church makes sense to me. It is not as good a solution as everyone in the world getting saved and acting like Christians. And, it does presuppose that people know how to use guns.
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  8. Violence is glorified in the US, even by those who call themselves Christians. That's the root cause.
  9. It also presumes that violence can rid us of violence.
  10. actually, I agree. I do carry on a regular basis, never had to use a gun in self defense-hope never to use one in such a situation, but am ready to if need be, but if you go back and look at all the mass shootings since ww2-nearly every single one, I can think of, has been against soft targets, as in places like schools, and theatres, where theres no one around to shoot back. And I can think of several, one in colorado, that have been stopped by people with guns.

    basically, gunman attacked a church, thinking it would be an easy target-and a security gaurd the church had hired, returned fire, wounding the man. Upon realizing he couldnt win he then committed suicide. More recently, there was a shooter in a mall in portland oregan-who was stopped by a CCW holder. He didnt even have to fire his gun, he just drew, and hesitated to fire because there were people in the background, but the shooter saw the gun pointed at him and backed off.

    A gun, in the hands of a responsible citizen, is a very very, good tool for safety and security. I think as americans it is our right to be able to defend ourselves-I also believe that more people should. In the case of almost every single mass shooting, if someone had been there to shoot back, the shooting wouldnt be nearly as bad.

    the answer isnt gun control, its gun education. There are a lot of people who dont know how to safely handle a gun, and just as many who are afraid of guns because they lack understanding of them. Why not offer gun safety in public schools? Im not suggesting we bring guns in and teach them how to shoot, but perhaps just a basic class teaching local and federal gun laws, what to do if you come across a gun, what guns can be used for, both good and bad. I think, if more people had a healthy understanding of how a gun works, that its only a tool, that when used safely, wont hurt anyone, fewer people would be afraid of them-and there would be fewer gun accidents, because there are a lot of people, gun owners included, that don't understand basic gun safety.
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  11. Gun safety occurs when the weapon is not being fired. (And yes, is a weapon. Designed to kill.)
  12. I disagree. I fire one of my weapons at least once a month, and have never killed anyone. Deer, prairie dogs, and the like, sure but never a human being. A gun, is a tool, nothing more nothing less. A gun can be safely fired a thousand times if you are careful without hurting a soul, and statistically, in the US you are more likely to die by a doctors mistake then you are with a gun. They have many practical purposes besides self defense-they are good for hunting, competition shooting, or just as a hobby. Some people collect them. Cars, kill several times more people every year then guns do-and I dont see anyone wanting to ban cars.

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