Color Me Jesus

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  1. Color Me Jesus

    Father, I try

    To live amongst them and
    live in it.

    But not be one of them or
    part of it.

    Potential stretches.
    Pressure increases.
    Massive confusion.

    Spinning on the spot
    between each world.

    A numbness takes over.

    Now I can't relate
    to know them,
    to show them.

    The sword sharpened by passion
    is now dulled by confusion.

    I'm an anxious, perfectionist mind,
    too blind, and black and white to see
    that it's not a color of this world that I'm trying to see
    and trying to be.

    Don't color me black, white, green,
    yellow, red, blue,
    or any hue.

    Color me 'Jesus'.
    'Cause Father,
    I wanna be like you.

  2. That was just beautiful, Mark! I loved it.
  3. They're looking on my page judging, but I can't draw well at all. So I melt my crayons, make a sculpture, and set it on the page. It'll look like a mess until they lower their point of view from above to be from the side, where they'll see my 3D sculpture. So I sculpt and wait. Ignoring hostile eyes and tongues hovering over. Smiling into the humbled eyes around.
  4. Patience, love, and persistence pave to such dimensions.

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