Coldest in North America

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  1. Coldest in North America

    This picture of Jim Brader shows what it’s like to be a meteorologist in Alaska. The photo was taken as Brader was on his way to the Snag airstrip in Yukon, Canada. Snag was the site of the lowest temperature ever recorded in North America. On February 3rd, 1947, weathermen etched a notch in the thermometer, because the mercury was below the lowest indicator marks. When the thermometer was analyzed later, it was found that the temperature would’ve read -81.4°F (-63°C). In temperatures that low, the voices of people could be heard four miles away Frozen breath hangs in the air for up to 15 minutes, making it easy to find where someone has gone.

  2. That poor man needs a hat and scarf. :)
  3. Is that cold or what?!
    Wow...that's enough to kill you right there without the freezing water.

    No wonder why I don't want to be up there near the North Pole.
  4. Oh my gosh and I thought we had it cold. I guess there is always some place colder. Today it was ---25 with the wind chill factor
  5. That is quite cold enough mom!
  6. Well my heating for one month told it all..... :mad::mad:

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