Codeguard Is Now Backing Up Cfs

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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a happy + thank you announcement to make. We recently joined a website backup service called CodeGuard who will be securely backing up our contents on their servers periodically. Our servers are already managed by a reputed and reliable hosting company called Servint and now CodeGuard additionally backs up our data just in case we are attacked by hackers and so on. With their service, I immediately get an email notification whenever there is a change to our website. This means I can respond fast in-case of any hack attempts and restore our website back to its original state. I am also using their service for a blog of mine.

    If you have a website, check them out. They have a free plan for personal websites such as blogs etc. Just visit - With the free account, you get 2gb space to store your site contents. It's easy to use. If you have a word-press blog, you can just upload their add-on and it does everything else for you automatically.

    Here's a video explanation:

    Visit their website:

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  2. Thank You...I am now using CodeGuard for my website.
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  3. You are welcome. :)

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