Coal is dead, but politicians give it life

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  1. right now solar energy can meet our average household power use,
    the draw back is storage use for the night.
    We have on our roof a solar hot water system, [we have more then enough hot water except where we have
    about three cloudy days then we need to turn on a booster switch.]
    six solar panels, which is about the minimum,
    and most of our interior lights are now LED's.
    I can turn my big air conditioner on all day during the sunny part everyday for nothing.
    the draw back is I have to be on the GRID to use my fridge/tv/lights/stove/computer at night,
    until now,
    enter the power fridge battery pack lithium charger...thing....
    its a big lithium rechargeable battery the size of a refrigerator that can store all your excess power during the day so you can use it at night...
    the cost over $20, me when you knock off a zero,
    Well this a minor inconvenience at present,
    sooner or later a real estate developer will put one in every house on his new estate,
    and save on putting in street wiring to the grid and then past the cost onto the house buyer,
    then within ten years most new homes and a majority of homes will be OFF GRID
    if society can get hold of a little vision and move forward instead of being stuck in the 19th century.
    Large power supply will devoted exclusively to large industry or electric trains etc until they have really
    massive lithium batteries.
    Coal, gas, oil, nuclear are all past their use by dates,
    That's my opinion.
  2. To get a setup for the entire average house is well over 50000. Granted if you stay in the house the rest of your life it would be worth it. Solar in the northern states isn't worth it. Geothermal is big up here for heat and cooling the house
  3. geothermal is good, depending on the cost.
    our solar hot water and min solar panels set us back over 6 grand a couple years back and our bill dropped about 30 bucks, hahahaha,
    the government cut back feed tariffs and then the energy companies increased their base prices etc
    but at least I've got air con, the world is getting HOT.

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