Clue: I am a "Thing"

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  1. Clue: I am a "Thing"

    I will give the last 10 clues and you guess what "thing" I am talking about. There are 20 clues but I will start with the last 10.

    Ready, Set, Go!!

    I am a THING:

    20. Read about me in the Old Testament.
    19. I was near a goat.
    18. I went to Shechem.
    17. I was recognized.
    16. I went to Dothan.
    15. I was at the scene of the crime.
    14. Read about me in Genesis.
    13. Israel made me.
    12. I made someone cry.
    11. I was examined.

    What "Thing" Am I?

    Have fun all,

  2. The Ark of the Covenant, say I off the top of my head.

  3. Sorry, that is the incorrect answer.

    Don't stop, please, try again....

  4. I was holding out for the other 10 clues, but I'll ventrue a guess of Judah's staff.
  5. Hehehe,,,okay, I will give the last 10 clues.

    What "Thing" Am I?

    The last 10 clues are:

    10. I made people jealous.
    9. I belonged to a 17 year old.
    8. A dreamer wore me.
    7. I was dipped in blood.
    6. I was used to trick Jacob.
    5. I was richly ornamented.
    4. Some said I was very colorful.
    3. I belonged to Joseph.
    2. I was on Broadway.
    1. Donnie Osmond wore me.

    What "Thing" Am I?
    God bless,

  6. Oh you silly little amazing multi-colored dreamcoat. :p
  7. We have a winner!!!!!!




    Thank you all for your participation!!!!!!

    God bless,

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