Clue: I am a THING

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  1. Clue: I am a THING

    I will give the last 10 clues and you guess what "thing" I am talking about. There are 20 clues but I will start with the last 10.

    Ready, Set, Go!!

    I am a THING:

    20. I'm in the plain of Shinar
    19. No stones are here.
    18. I'm man-made.
    17. Before me there was only one.
    16. I was tarred, but not feathered
    15. People came from the west towards me.
    14. I made people proud
    13. It was brick by brick.
    12. I wasn't half-baked.
    11. I'm sandwiched between Noah and Abraham.
    10. God came down to see me.

    What "THING" am I?

  2. I think we need clues on where the plain of Shinar is first. LOL
  3. The plane of Shinar is in the Bible, Genesis specifically.:D

    Actually, I've pegged this THING as the tower of Babel. That would put it in modern day Iraq, about 65 kilometers South of Baghdad.

    Right, or wrong?
  4. Congratulations!!!!!!! "TOWER OF BABEL" is correct.


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