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  1. There are times in our lives,
    We come to a closed door
    It does not always mean that we
    Have not heard from the Lord

    It may only mean that God
    Is changing how we get there,
    To show to us a better way
    That we were unaware

    So don't see this as an end
    To the outworking of God's will,
    The thing that God has birthed in you,
    He wants to see fulfilled

    Just continue to trust in Him
    And leave it in His hands,
    He will work this whole thing out,
    For it is what He has planned

    And as we look back, we will see
    How God had been our guide
    And directed us along the path
    Where doors stood open wide

    So thank Him for these hard times,
    The set backs we go through,
    For it is God who is leading us
    To make our dreams come true.

    © By M.S.Lowndes
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