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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by woundedsoldierofCHRIST, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Clear the air

    I wasnt questionuing that this was not a christians site the fact of the matter is a few comments actually more amd more lately are very erogative and disturbing i spent 20 years in an extremly domestic violent inviorement and was physically mentally and emotionally abused and to hear spposed christians not all speraking like that makes me question the sincerity of those can speak like that and claim that they love God thats what im talking about Jesus loves people He died for sinners all sinners He came to save not to condemn how wouyld a non believer feel if they heard some of theses statemernts better still how does Gopd feel abnout His people treating others the way these few havwe been talking James saidthat any one that claims to love God and does not bridle his tounge decieves himself pretty heavy hey the tounge is a small member but its starts a fire that is not holy if spoken uin arrogance with out love in the flesh i know what im talking about i need to change dramatically in my life but you know what is making things ard for me is the callouseness of believers they are rude arrogant and do not not demonstrate Gods love but and im not talking about all but quite a few hwere whats scary is that this is coming from ministers i opray that God convicts His people for the ay they are treatuing each other and opens our eyes to the great dangwer we are in
  2. I aint going to stand by idly and stay quite when theses peopke behave like this and i know that i have to start with myself but thats between me and God but if another believer is going to slander a brother or sister of mine they better be ready for a great rebuke in Jesus name

    Dear Wounded,

    We do not know what you are upset about. If anyone on the forum has said or done something that you feel is wrong please either use the report facility next to that post or pm one of the moderators.

    That way we can investigate your complaint and take appropriate action.

    The report facility is the little triangle that appears at the bottom left of every post.

    I am closing this thread until we hear from you.

    God bless you
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