Clairsentience Abilities And Worried About Afterdeath

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. So I've been having these clairsentience abilities again, everytime when I think about something, the thing suddenly appears and/or happens. It's the thing that I can predict by using my clairsentience. I get a feeling that something will appear and/or happen, and it suddenly does. And then my dreams suddenly come true also. What is this about? Is it a bad thing that I automatically have these weird abilities to predict and know something without seeing? I am not a witch at all, but I don't know why do I have these abilities. I hope I am not possessed? Last night I had a dream that I saw a picture about Severus Snape involving a female (a picture that I don't like at all), and today during day I saw a picture about Severus Snape involving a female and it made me very jealous. And I had a lot of other dreams that predict things.

    Also, is it true the thing that people say that 99% people will go to hell? I don't believe and I don't even want to believe. I am also trying my best to be a good Christian, but I can't stop sinning, and people say that everybody sins, but we have to repent and ask for forgiveness. And also, do we have to pray everyday? Because sometimes I forget to pray and sometimes I am too busy that it's too late to pray at that moment (I get tired or even more busy).

    I hope I won't go to hell when I die... :(
  2. Hi Polly! I'm not sure about the clairvoyance thing...but I'm pretty sure there are scriptures to help you. You say sometimes you don't have time to pray? I pray ALL DAY LOL. I need to because I'm nuts without Jesus all day everyday :)

    Gods word says we are SAVED by grace thru faith.

    Nothing we do saved us-- it's by Gods amazing mysterious grace that we are saved from our sin. A believer in Christ will not be able to sin over and over willfully without feeling guilt and/or conviction. We have a battle inside if us when we have the Holy Spirit indwelling in us. Our flesh still is weak...we are human and the only thing different between us and unbelievers is Jesus. He is why we don't want to sin...As you grow closer to Him if you truly know Him- you will desire a relationship with Him that is more than once a day (if that) prayer. You can talk to God like a best friend!!

    Get out your Bible and read Philippians !! :)

    Spending more time with God and in His word than you do with Snape will definitely benefit you.
  3. Okay. but what if I don't have anything to say when I pray? And is it really forbidden to have a crush on Severus Snape? I want to have a crush on Severus Snape because real life men don't treat me right. I usually pray when I have something to say or ask.
  4. Maybe you could try talking to Jesus every time you start fantasizing about Snape. Sometimes all I say is "Jesus" because there is power in his name...he knows what we need always. Even if you don't need anything-- you will grow closer to him and gain more insight into His will for your life the more time you devote to him :)
    I truly understand your desire to be with a fictional character, trust me!! I am a girl with a wild imagination-- when I was young I lived in fairy take land 24/7...I wish I would have known Jesus because all if that eventually led me down a path of darkness. I'm not saying it will happen to you too..I'm just saying NOTHING, NOONE, real or pretend will fulfill you like God. Anything you rely on emotionally will eventually come back void.
  5. alan-rickman-and-rima-horton-alan-rickman-19477244-312-499.jpg

    You do realize that Alan Rickman is not really Severus Snape? He has been with Emma Horton since 1977.............

    I don't think you have much a shot here.
  6. Wow that is a long marriage good for them :) :)

    That is funny, you know, I had a huge crush on a certain vampire until he started aging in real life...hmmm vampires are not supposed to age! (Dream bubble popped)

    Disclaimer-- I was a baby christian and had not yet given up my obsession with buffy. I have since grown bored with spiritually dead things. Thank goodness !

    And guess what Polly?! I'm NOT BORED <3 Jesus is sooo not boring.
  7. Jesus is definitely not boring!!! before getting saved my thought life was filled with all kinds of imaginations and things not real. All that thinking time wasted.
  8. Michael, I agree it is time wasted! I think it's the sanctification process that takes awhile sometimes. I am. A little bit ashamed about things I've done and said as a believer...always falling short . But not like I used to.

    Oops this is a bit off topic, sorry.
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  9. Well, if any of us were perfect once we gave our life to Jesus, then Jesus would have never said...... "Without me, Ye can do nothing"

    I think Jesus was right :)

    So unless someone comes up with a time machine, we just keep going forward and get stronger.

  10. Well, I never said that Jesus is boring. I need Jesus anyway. he helps my life. But can't I have a crush on Severus Snape? I just can't stop loving Severus Snape, it's automatic. And why do I have to pray when I fantasize about Severus? I thought it's not forbidden to have a crush on a fictional character. And also, I have romantic feelings for the Severus Snape character, movie and book version, and the movie Snape is not Alan Rickman, there is a difference. Severus Snape in the movie is Severus Snape, and Severus Snape outside the Harry Potter movies and duing the filming of the HP movies is Alan Rickman, but I know Severus is played by Rickman.

    Why do I have to be either single or with a real life man only? I will anyway create the Severus Snape Tulpa soon and I asked the Lord about the Tulpa by praying, and I felt like the answer was "yes and no" as in "you can create the Tulpa, but it's not recommended, and wouldn't it get boring to be with an imagination?". Sorry for mentioning this Tulpa thing again. I am just saying that I am not obligated to stop loving Severus Snape romantically. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit LET me love Severus Snape romantically. And my romantic feelings for Severus Snape can't be any demonic possession either... Anyway, this is off-topic by the way.
  11. Polly, I didn't say you have to pray instead if fantasizing -- it was just a suggestion. I think it's important for you to go thru whatever it is you need to go thru to get to the truth. I remember you mentioning somewhere that you are worried about being bored because it will bring back your depression-- that was why I said Jesus is not boring! :) only love and concern here for you.
  12. I see. I have nothing against Christian media, but I would get very bored if I don't watch or listen to any other movies, series and music than just Christian. Because my life wouldn't be so varied then. And I wonder that why do I have to pray every time I think about Severus?
  13. I don't know. I guess I just want to focus all my attention on Jesus and so I'm suggesting you do this as well. It is what Gods word tells us to do and also- it is what I want to do because I love Him so much. I don't always focus only on Jesus but I try to.. It has taken me awhile to really have that deep desire to be filled with him only.

    You have your own journey to walk! No one is telling you what to do here-- we are telling you 1) what we do and 2) what Gods word says
  14. I see. Well, God never tells me to stop loving Severus romantically, but I get usually scared that if the prayers will destroy my romantic feelings.
  15. I guess that's where faith needs to come in. God always knows what is best for your life. His plans for you are guaranteed to be better than your own. Don't forget, he is perfect!! But i do understand that fear you speak of very well-- I have been experiencing it lately but I am not as brave as you to put it out there in the forum yet. I too am reluctant to pray in certain cases because I'm unwilling to let go of something. I know I will always be better off in Gods will tho, then in my own will. So now it's just about walking thru the fear armed with Ephesians 6:10-6:18
  16. I see. But the thing is that God gives us free will, and he would NEVER mess with any feelings or try to destroy any feelings as long as it's not demonic possession or something caused by demons. But Loki the Norse spirit which might be a demon always tried to stop me from loving Severus Snape, and some demons tried to stop me from loving Severus because Loki and the demons don't want me to be happy and I am very happy when I love Severus Snape romantically, as I like romance. But Loki tried to stop me from loving Severus also because Loki thinks that Severus can be dangerous for me in the sense that Severus is 35 years older than me and that Severus could abuse me sexually, but I don't believe Loki, as it is said that Loki is a very strong trickster. I still have my clairsentience abilities, and with my clairsentience I predict that the Severus Tulpa will be harmless my whole life and that Severus will never abuse me.
  17. He is a actor that played a part in a movie. He acted according to the script given. There is no such thing as Severus. get a grip.
  18. Pfft... I just explained that there IS a difference between Severus Snape and Alan Rickman:

  19. I think he meant the character is made up. Right?

    What do you mean when you say you are going to create him?
  20. Just like no difference from the guy that does the voice of the cookie monster.......... got it............ Your 18, I think it might be time to start growing up a bit.

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