Cities putting the crackdown on saggy pants

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  1. Cities putting the crackdown on saggy pants

    Cities putting the crackdown on saggy pants

    NEW ORLEANS — Hike up those pants. Droopy drawers that bare skin or underwear might soon be forbidden fashion on the streets of Alexandria and Shreveport, and violators could be forced to part with some cash.
    "I'm tired (of) looking at behinds," Shreveport Councilwoman Joyce Bowman said after Tuesday's 4-3 vote to ban fanny-flaunting trousers.
    Nobody can be arrested just for violating the ordinance, but they could be fined or required to perform community service. The maximum fine for a first offense is $100.
    Alexandria's City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the baring. Its ordinance allows some sag, but 3 inches or more can bring a fine of $25 to $200 and a requirement for community service.
    If the mayors of Shreveport and Alexandria sign the ordinances, they will bring Louisiana's total to at least six, with at least two more cities considering bans.
    Elsewhere, Atlanta's City Council has held a hearing on a measure to outlaw saggy pants that reveal shorts or thongs.
    A similar proposal in Stratford, Conn., was soundly rejected this week after critics argued it would be unconstitutional and unfairly target minorities.
    Some opponents cite other objections.
    "Are you going to have a 'sagging' court?" Michael Williams asked Shreveport's council. "The police have more important things to do than chase young boys and girls and say 'pull your pants up.'"
    To be honest I am in total agreement with this, but they are not going far enough. Every women that shows cleavage should also fall under the same law.
  2. I was ready to pounce on this before I got to the end of the article, to say the same thing about women!
    Why are they allowed to let their breasts hang out?
    Sorry to be so direct but it is true!!
    I don't want to see a behind either but is that really as tempting to the flesh as a woman exposing herself?
    The problem here is that women dressing sexy and revealing has become the norm and a natural acceptance in society!

  3. Hello Violet
    The sad thing is that the church remains silent on this and many godless men and women are filling the church with this.

  4. I was thinking of buying stock in a belt company- LOL!
  5. Yes the church DOES remain silent on this issue because they don't want to step on any toes or lose members or money!
    They are not upholding their responsibility in this matter and God will hold them accountable!!
    One day in church, I couldn't stop looking at this one woman, about 30, with more breasts showing than not!
    Now if I, a woman, is watching because of disbelief and discomfort, what do you think it did to the men!
    This is not acceptable in the church and there are elder women who will not take a chance in speaking to the women who dress this way!
  6. Unfairly target minorities.

    Why is it that someone seemingly ALWAYS has to play the race card?

    Although I will agree that we cannot legislate morality, or self respect, this is not a "White or Black" issue.

    I get so frustrated at seeing this "PC" garbage all over our society.

    Ladies, regardless of race or social status, should not reveal that which belongs in your bedroom.

    And young men, who wish to walk around with their pants pulled half down,...take heed,....

    If I see it, ... I WILL pull your pants up FOR YOU.

    And it will take you a week to get them pulled back down. :smile_anim:
  7. I live in Florida. If you could see how some of the women (adults and teens) parade around the local mall! I sometimes wonder if they forgot to get dressed before they left the house.
    I raised my 2 daughters back in the 80's and never tolerated that behavior

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