Churchy Sounding Aphorisms.

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  1. Churchy Sounding Aphorisms.

    Churchy sounding aphorisms abound from the mouths of those who presume to advise and "pastor" Believers.

    The problem with churchy sounding aphorisms is their beguiling appearance of supposed wisdom and substance. Listeners to these promotions often think that mere mental assent, with a measured response of head nodding and verbal agreement, constitutes a profitable action. Many listeners are so skilled at this mental assent that they wonderfully and marvelously stay at the ready to condescendingly and sagely respeak lots of these aphorisms to others.

    Another problem with churchy sounding aphorisms is that those who speak them presume, because of their sincerity, their "pastorly" qualifications, and their sense of "faithfulness before God," they can mix their own opinions, their own promotions, and their own sensibilities with the pure Word of God for the sake of "explanation," and call it all God's Word. Satan mixes his own ideas with the Word of God.

    Jesus spoke wisdom, Scriptural imperatives, Law, and the Mind of God. Rather than merely verbalize these things, He demonstrated all of them materially.

    Speakers of churchy sounding aphorisms, to whom we happen to be exposed today, should be held accountable to materially and observavly demonstrate in their own lives the babbling advice they trot out for others to hear. In this way, speakers of churchy sounding aphorisms can then truly "follow" their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, rather than just speak of doing it.

    I Corinthians 4:20, "For the kingdom of heaven is not in word, but in power."

  2. At first glance, I was sure that I have heard many, many examples of this. But upon reflection, I simply can't come up with a single one. Anyone have some reasonably common examples of this that better illustrates the pros/cons?
  3. "May the knowledge of Christ travel the sixteen inches from your head down into your heart."

    "I am going to speak words of faith and victory over your life."

    "Let this day be the start of a new season of God's grace in your life."

    "We do not want to leave this service today without making sure you are right with God."

    "If you need a fresh, new start with God just put your hand up now, all over the auditorium."

    "You may have made some mistakes, but God has washed away your past."

    "All things are possible for those who place their faith and hopes in the Lord."

    "I declare that you are blessed with creativity, good faith, a prosperous life, and you will lend only and not borrow."

    "The Lord bless and keep you as faithful servants, as you continue to give and work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across this Nation, and around the World."

  4. Everything that you mentioned in the post just above mine, here, is from the "Playbook of TV Ministers" and their quest for your dollars. The 'silver tongued ministers of money gathering' are luring in the unthinking, gullable and desperate 'followers' into sending in their hard earned cash to further the career of the TV ministers, with their smooth talk and their arrogance. God did not send beggars to teach His word and those who build an empire with the dollars of the multitudes will find no salvation because we are told in Scripture that the false prophets will be judged first... no 'profit' for the 'phophets'.
  5. AHHHh....TV Evangelists. That's why I've never heard any of these before. I pretty much avoid TV. Not religiously, but I just don't devote any regular time to it at all.
  6. YESSSSS, ....

    And, from our non-TV Evangelist people come:

    "Let us sing hymn no. 144, as we prepare our hearts to receive the Word of the Lord this morning in His house."

    "When you are patient and joyous, that will take care of your welfare and well being."

    "This is true of believers 100% of the time: You are chosen by God, and wanted. He wants to talk with you. He could not be closer to you than He is at this moment. If God drove a car, your name would be on the bumper."

    "God has a great life here on Earth for you."

    "Tell the world about Jesus, you have a calling, it's grace, not performance."

    "When you trust Christ, you can be yourself and be the most attractive person God made you to be."


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