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  1. churches

    are they learning you.?healing you.?a joy to go to.?if not don,t go and don,t will tell by the churches fruits.
  2. One of my professors gave me some advice I will never forget.

    He told each of us in the class...;
    "Imagine that one morning, God reaches His almighty hand down from heaven and "snatches" the church you are serving right off of the face of the earth.

    Would that have an impact on your community?

    If not........ Then lock the doors."

  3. Awesome! :smile_anim:
  4. Yes, I am learning. The small church I am attending now has Sunday School
    whereas the big church I use to attend does not have Sunday School.

    I didn't realize how much I missed Sunday School all those years until I started attending again at my new church.

    I'm not knocking big churches, but for me I believe I prefer a smaller church.

    Am I learning? Yes!

    Am I healing? Yes!
    Glory to God!

    Do I enjoy going? Yes!
    Praise His Holy Name!
  5. I agree, in my opinion, the smaller church structure is more family friendly, it just feels more like a family gathering to me.

    I make it a habit to visit every member of our congregation at least once every month. Not counting hospital visitations, private confession, communion, etc, just to visit, to pray with them and to catch up on things.

    You can't do that in larger congregations unfortunately. Like I said, I have nothing against larger churches, but I would really miss the personal communion with everyone.
  6. The church is the body of Christ made up of believers. What are the believers doing? Are they bringing glory to God by proclaiming the Gospel message?

    When we are in church we should ask ourselves why God has placed us in that particular church and are we using the talents that He has given us?

    It is easy to just sit and recieve blessing from a church and when the blessings do not come it is easy to leave. How have we blessed somebody else in the church and in our community? How have we contributed to the body of Christ? Are we a part of the problem or part of the solution?

    Do we treat church like a hotel (we just pay and expect service, if we do not get service we leave and complain) or do we treat church like a home (it takes hard work and commitment to build a home)?

    It takes just one Holy Spirit filled believer to change a church!
  7. Yes, we should learn from the Church. And that's what happened in the 1st Century Christian Church:

    That in every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge
    1 Cor 1:5

    And because of that knowledge, the members are able to answer all manner of questions raised to them:

    But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear
    1 Pet 3:15

    Yes, learning from the Church is such a wonderful thing.
  8. Good post John.
    Yes, Jesus was a "teacher" wasn't he.

  9. Ya Know , I think every one is in a win - win situation here and there is not right or worng . It is where God places you and is not the church or the pastor but is where you are being fed spiritually and where you can also participate as a member and feel comfortable . It is not the church that makes the person . It is the person who is genuinely seeking to grow in the Lord and not stay in the same place , spiritually as he was yesterday .

    On that note yes small churches have their challenges as do big ones . I happen to go to a big church but if you do not participate in the other programs of the church how can you get to know the people and feel a sense of belonging ?

    Not tooting my own horn but I participate in Bible Study at church on Wed night , belong to a small group where we discussing Biblical issues , am on the pastoral team where we visit sick people at home and in the hospital and shut in seniors where I give communion ; am on the 55+ committee and serve and take part in kitchen duties just to name a few . I do not believe that the pastor should be doing all these things as that makes the congregation weak and apathetic , solely depending on the pastor to do everything . We are the church and if we as the peoples do not wake up and accept our gifts and callings .... I say how can the church move forward?
  10. Agreed, that is indeed one of the great blessings from God.
    All this week, I have been driving around, gathering up the young members from our congregation and driving them all into town to a much larger church for VBS.

    Why? Well, we simply don't have the resources or the volunteers for such a large event out here, however the much larger church does well, and we are not the only small church who go there so as is, it is a great big event, and our kids meet kids from other areas, the adults and various congregations are all working as one body of Christ with one another.

    Like you said,, Small church's = Win. Large Church's = Win.

    Both = Win Win!! :groupray:
  11. IMO, if over the entire life of a church, a single soul enters Heaven, and they do no harm to the Kingdom, then it's win.

    Something that came to mind earlier. Billy Graham has touched hundreds of thousands of men. I've heard sermons about an usher that made room for Billy Graham to be in the revival where he came to Christ. But...who led the usher to Christ? How many have been touched because that man, lead a future usher to Christ, who then made way for Billy Graham to come to Christ? And what is more amazing, he probably never knew the impact he had on the world.
  12. Thanks
    Yes he is R4TS :)

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