Church to Pick-up Ladies

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  1. Church to Pick-up Ladies

    I graduated college two years ago single, and have been single for a while. My uncle jokingly told me "Whelp, now where are ya gonna find a girlfriend? No more school. Don't wanna date girls at work, or find a girl at a bar. Guess you'll just have to hit on girls at church." Which, in a way, is true. Where better to find a Christ seeking women then in church? I would never, though, wish to distract myself during that time with other thoughts then my worship, and sermons.

    So while I pray about it, and maul over the thoughts in my head. What do y'all think? I enjoy asking people older then me, where they met their spouse, and I find people really enjoy talking about it. Which makes this kind of love, even more cherished.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Perhaps "picked up" is a poor choice of words but a young Christian man won't generally find to many young Christian ladies at a bar so church is a good place to meet people.
  3. Brewster is just quoting the words from his uncle who I don't know is a Christian or not .

    However the word " hit On' has probably gotten a bad rap as well and from an older lady who understand young people they use this very loosely ( I have to confess I used it too )

    Suffice to say , take the words of Jake and be friendly , ask God to show you the right girl and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and you can't go wrong. God will show you the right girl .
  4. Seek first the Kingdom. We're to walk with Him and we'll find ourselves walking into the places we're to be and the people we're to be with. otherwise it will probably turn out to be no good and you'll end up with so many regrets and wasted time.

    Yes Dusty, we use most words loosely these days, until we meet Jesus and find out there is a reality, a truth, and a way that is right, and that this isn't just a world full of people speculating randomly.

    I guess "hit on" really meant something in a manner a lot more sexually pursuing than the way we use it?
  5. Yup .... Your right my son . But hey, you all are great kids and I do love you all . You need more of us older folks to give you all encouragement .:D
  6. Look for fruit before courting her. You want to be sure it's who the Lord wants you to see and not your flesh getting in the way. And be sure to hear the Lord's guidance and not a humans.
  7. +1 you got a point there...But again its easier said than done...:)

  8. I'm single and joined my Church a few months back. I have friends that I have met try to set me up with someone, usually not a fellow Church member. I'm not there for that though.
  9. I have to agree with Boanerges.

    However, it is always wise to let God lead you; no matter what.

  10. I've been hit on once in church. I didn't like it. I go to church for God. And when I got hit on, it ruined the whole atmosphere for me. But hey, that's just my experience.
  11. OK Mr Brewster sir. Everybody has had very good words and wisdom to offer and i agree with all of them. All I can really say is get involved in church activities...........BTW how big is your church? Mine is only 30 max.......not much to choose from cuz they are all married including me. Any ways take your time and keep praying and Jesus will eventually send the right woman to you. Example
    I prayed for a Mexican all my life and went through all kinds of GFs'. Until 1 day my friend was making a phone call. He is Mex BTW. i thot he was calling his wife whom I know. he was speaking Spanish. He haned me the phone and I thot it was his wife. I Holla Lupe. The voice said this is Chuyita Luepe's sister. I immediately handed back the phone since he was trying to hook me up for at least a year with her. I all ways said I don't want to meet her. we were coworkers. I have seen her pic many times....he used to tease chicken. Well he handed the phone back to me and I was stuck between a rock and a hard [lace. Well she broke the ice. we talked for about 10 minutes. In the end I said can I call you again? She said yes. I lived in WA she in AZ. i thot it aint never gonna werk. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla year later we got married. Of course we met several times before that in person. I even met her dad and mom and asked them IN SPANISH if I could have her hand. Don Pancho said "her dad" Mateo , Please take her. it brought a tear to me. He don't speak English. But Chuyita does very well and she is a full blown christian and really brought me close to the Lord. I all ways close to him but not like this!! God sent her to me in a mysterious way indeed. We are now going on 8 yrs this March. God sent me a top notch woman that sticks to me no matter what. She don't even get mad at me she just starts prayin in spanish. I don't know what she is sayin but I get the point!! LOLOLOLOLhehehehehe:smiley10: Please excuse me I didn't mean to tell my love story. There is a lot more but perhaps another time. Well God sent me a Mexican for sure. so just pray about it my friend and something will happen when God see's it right. I aint lyin.

    Chili out.
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  12. Great story!
  13. Let m say this: In our church, if it is determined that anyone is there for the purpose of finding a mate, then they will be viewed as a predator and dealt with. We take the honour and safety of our men and women and youth seriously.

    One's purpose for being a part of the church family is to worship Jesus Christ and to serve Him, first and foremost.
  14. I think some church's have single's groups. Have you looked into any of those?
  15. Hello Brewter and thanks for being so open. I really feel for you, a few years ago my wife and I pastored the youth and young adults in our assembly and the question of dating came up quite a bit especially among the early twenties. Some felt quite troubled, that desiring a mate was somehow wrong when it's the most natural aspect of being a Christian since God invented marriage! Others rathered they remained single to focus on God which was indeed right for them at their stage so I suppose it depends entirely where your at in your life at the moment. It sounds like you are looking for a girlfriend and my advice always is, go for it and make sure she's saved. Ask the Lord because he does care deeply, to guide you in all the right directions and he will bring you into a place where with the woman for you.

    I agree with an earlier comment about being careful and respectful in a church or Christian sphere, many Pastors are very protective over the single women in their assmebly however if you allow God full access to this area, he won't let yoy down...
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  16. Both sides should be looking for fruit!!!! :)
  17. Just a heads up guys, OP might already be married since this is from 2009. I thought JG27Chili's story was interesting and had to comment.

    It's still an interesting discussion and can be a relevant topic, but any comments directed at OP, he might have found a mate already ;)
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  18. If you are going to Church for the sole purpose of trying to flirt with women then you either need to go to a Catholic or an immoral satanic church. Church is not for meeting people, having fun, smiling, or anything pleasurable. The only reason you should be attending Church is to worship your master Jehovah. I will pray for your lost soul my friend. You need to do a 180 and quickly before you end up a whore of Babylon.
  19. is there a particular reason why you hate the Catholic so much?
  20. I attended a new Church that I was thinking of joining several years ago. I sat near the front about three rows in from the pulpit. All of a sudden a couple very nice ladies came and sat next to me asking where I was from and the like. I thought to myself, "Wow, these people here are very very friendly" They put a big smile on my face. I felt very important. Later on I found out I was sitting in a section of the Church reserved for singles only!!!! No wonder these ladies were so polite to me. :) :) :) Later, I sat off to the side.
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