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  1. Church Choices

    How do you choose a church? We don't go right now. It's too confusing. One church we walked into everyone was crying and speaking I guess in tongues. It was wierd. Another had social with treats after service and all we heard was a bunch of gossip which is totally not our style. There have been several churches that had "clicks" and we felt so unwelcome. Being a mom, it's becoming more important to choose one. Please share different suggestions on how to choose a church for the family. Right now we do at-home studies. By the way, I have OCD (it's a mental disorder) and panic attacks which certainly doesn't help.

    Please pray for my family. Please add your suggestions to help us make the right decision. Thanks a bunch. :confused:
  2. find a church

    Try to find a church that preaches & teaches out of the Bible and only the bible,a church that exposits the word of God. that teaches line by line on what the verse is saying.How do you know the word unless you are taught. You might have to travel to find a good church but its worth it.No one church is perfect we are all sinful people who are growing in grace.Thats where maturity comes in.Don't forget not all the people in all churches are God's people,there are people in churches who are the devil's just like judas.By their fruit they will be known.Remember The Holy Spirit has his place,Its the Lord Jesus that is raised up Its all about Jesus.
  3. Absolutely correct there, Len...

    Church is where the Word of God is TAUGHT Chapter by Chapter and Verse by Verse. Anything else, is just a time consuming 'extra'.

    Do we truly need a preacher yelling at the top of his or her lungs for an hour about salvation and damnation if the congregation doesn't have enough knowledge about scripture to know what is being yelled at them about?

    Do we need the same glamorous and extravagant ceremony each week that teaches nothing except how much the 'church' spends on gold, silver and buildings instead of teaching materials and teachers?

    What was 'church' in Pauls day, after the Crucifixion? Church was a gathering of persons who wanted to know God's Truth from the teachers of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Some denominations have made 'church' into a weekly gathering to be seen rather than to sit quietly and listen to teachings.
  4. Thanks Len. This is a very good point. It makes sense.
  5. Thanks PaducahLuke. Wise words about the yelling preacher. Teaching of the Bible should be most important.
  6. LightenUp,

    Out of curiosity, could you further explain why you are looking for a church now?
  7. Yes the Holy Spirit has His place- in your heart and life and without Him you will never know Jesus or the Father which leaves only dead dry religious service with no power to change a heart or a life- Yes the Holy Spirit has His place and I certainly don't want to hang out were He isn't welcome- in fact there CAN BE NO clear understanding of the scriptures without Him. Praise God I don't have to sit thru such a travesty but am able to be " filled continually with His Spirit"- this is indeed what compels me to know and serve Jesus Christ and without His teaching, leading and guiding I am completely lost- it is a fact that " as many as are led by the Spirit of God , those are the sons of God"- so count me in - Holy Spirit be my comforter and paraclete even as Jesus said You would- lead me to the place where You can use me for God's glory- brother Larry

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