Church bombed in Sri Lanka - News24

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  1. Church bombed in Sri Lanka - News24

    Church bombed in Sri Lanka
    [SIZE=-1]News24 - 1 hour ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Colombo - A policeman was killed after suspected Tamil Tiger rebels lobbed a grenade at officers guarding a church in northwest Sri Lanka on Christmas day, said the Sri Lankan defence ministry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Sri Lanka rebels free crew of stricken Jordan ship [SIZE=-1]Boston Globe[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]25 crew members on way to Colombo, say Tiger rebels [SIZE=-1]Gulf News[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Taipei Times - Seattle Post Intelligencer - People's Daily Online - Sri Lanka Daily Mirror (subscription)[/SIZE]
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