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  1. Chuff!

    Hello, everyone..
    I'm not a newbie to forums, but I'm a newbie to this one...

    I've joined other forums and been verbally assaulted for my faith, and I know if I did the same to any other belief, I would be considered a criminal.

    I'm 16, and I love to write.
    I'm a poet, an artist, and a reader. My favorite poet is E.E. Cummings, and my favorite author is James Joyce.

    I also play piano, sing, and write songs.

    In addition, I love to study languages.
    My current one of interest, though I am not deeply perusing it, is Italian.
    I don't actually know enough of any language I've studied to say I really speak it... so I only know English, truthfully. I can't stick with one to study, because they're all so interesting.
    Languages I've studied in the past include (in no order):

    Romanian, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Irish Gaelic, Japanese, Esperanto, Interlingua, Norwegian, and I've even tried making my own languages.

    I change between them so quickly, who knows which one I'll study next!

    I want to serve my King.
    So here I am, on this Christian forum.
    Hi everyone.

  2. Welcome to CFS Chuff- it is nice to have you here with us!
  3. Hello and welcome Chuff! Since you've studied some Romanian, here's a authentic "hello" in this language from a native of Romania:

    Bine ai venit, Chuff! Sper ca o sa fii fericit aici!

    It means: "Welcome Chuff. I hope you'll be happy here!"


    P.S. By the way... I like Gary Oldman too! Is that a picture from "Airforce 1"?
  4. Da, stiu.

    Yeah it's from Air Force One. I love that movie.
    I knew from the flag you were Romanian.
    Multumesc pentru cuvintele tale!

    That's probably a massacre of Romanian, but it's been so long :D

    Much love in Christ,
  5. No, actually it's perfect! I've always loved languages too. Italian and French among them, however I don't have a chance to speak either of those so I am sure I have forgotten how. To be honest, there are times when I have to think a few seconds before I formulate a phrase in Romanian when I speak with my family on the phone. I only speak english here and I have been in USA for almost 15 years, so, if you don't use a language, you forget it. I'd love to start learning Italian and French again. They are both beautiful languages. You said you've tried making your own languages... Can you elaborate a little. I'd be curious to see what you've come up with.

  6. :welcome:

  7. Hello Chuff!

    --Fernando Gumbs
  8. Hello Chuff! Hope to see more of your posts.

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