Christmas Word Scramble

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  1. Christmas Word Scramble

    Unscramble and then I will give you the answers.




    4---nftoto esy shnwnar
  2. It's too hard for me.:( I was never good at these things.
  3. 1> Sleigh
    2> Grinch
    3> Present

    4....Can only guess on "Yes" being the middle word...but are the letters mixed between words in the phrase, or is each part independent?
  4. Yah ,no 4 is all mixed up ..... very good Bro Ban ..... go to the top of the class. You get a gold star for that. Now can you guess the last one. ?
  5. Hey Dusty, how about a clue for number 4, like how many words it is? Oh, by the way, I got exactly the same answers as Ban( when and how isn't the point,is it?:D)
  6. >.< Shows what happens when you look at something with a fresh mind...

    4> Frosty the Snowman ... though I think you missed an m and added an n....
  7. OOps ....Sorry ..... Bro Ban but it goes to show how smart you are cause you got it anyways .... Hey congratulations.

    mftoto esy shnwnar. Frosty the snowman.

    I need to find some harder ones for you ..... Ha ha

  8. >.< Those were hard enough.

    5> edrriean
    6> lbhbsiglele
    7> pigfwtar
    8> bumtor lytemli dre
  9. 5>reindear (SP)
    8>little drummer boy
  10. W00t ... your turn?
  11. Not real good at this but I will give it a shot.

    9> setleomit
    10> lhoprdu
    11>gen gog

    And now for my grand finale!!

    12> psfausi on svisgrlmua
  12. I can't see how you guys do that...makes my brain ache.:(
  13. da_man..... I have tried and tried and can't come up with anything. Are they related to Christmas? Bro Ban to the rescue.
  14. Yes they are. You want hints?
  15. Yes please
  16. 9> Not good if there is an outbreak of mono
    10> Famous
    11> Yuck
    12> They dance??
  17. 9.Mistletoe
    11.egg nog

    12.glamour sips on sassafrass vine?(But you left some letters out:D
  18. Good Job. You are almost there.
  19. Well, I thought that for your clue for #12 that it should be sugar plum fairies, but that didn't jive. Got any more hints for that one?
  20. Here's some more
    13.femh Bo seftartha
    14. irleach a wobrn mracisht
    15. sctsaadhcr mirs
    (due to a cranial implosion, 3 will have to do for now)

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